One on One Hoops Showdown for The Ronald McDonald House

Mon. March 30th 5 – 8 PM at Largo Southwest Recreation Complex – Pete O’Shea vs. Tommy Connolly

Tampa Bay’s longest running Christian Talk Radio Station is pleased to announce that they have teamed with The Ronald McDonald House for a special brand of March Madness. The Clash of the Titans – A One on One Basketball Showdown is set forMonday March 30th from 5 – 8 PM at Largo Southwest Recreation Complex, 13120 Vonn Rd. Largo, Fl. AM Inspiration Host Pete O’Shea will play against AM Inspiration Producer Tommy Connolly for bragging rights and for families in need.

This all started when Amos The Wonder Horse was a guest on AM Inspiration. Amos is truly a wonder in so many ways. This miniature horse is an honorary member of the St. Petersburg Police and goes into the schools with police officers to teach the students that bullying is wrong. Amos can also dunk a basketball, on a Fisher Price Basket, and has been invited on numerous occasions to play basketball with The Harlem Globetrotters. After Amo’s inspiring appearance on the WTIS morning show, the trash talking began innocently and this grudge match was born. Who will win? Better yet, who will survive?

“Tommy told our audience that he could beat me in a game of basketball,” O’Shea explained. “I haven’t played in decades but I wasn’t going to back down so we began to debate who could beat who in basketball during the show and the listeners got involved on-air and on Facebook and it just took off.”

Amos The Wonder Horse has agreed to be the special guest referee and legendary Wrestling announcer, “Mr. Hollywood” Shannon Rose will be there to introduce the players. WTIS will broadcast live from the venue. The I work 4 Him Show with host Jim Brangenberg will air live from the game site at 5 PM and then Brangenberg and Pastor Anthony McDaniel of Abundant Life Ministries in Largo will be the announcers for this much anticipated one on one match up. Each player will have his own cheerleaders, fans and physicians.

“Pete has size 14 feet, so he is going to trip over them…. A lot,” Connolly said. “That’s the extent of my strategy. He may have the edge vertically, but he has way too much rust on his game to beat me.”

Admission is FREE, but they will take a Love Offering for The Ronald McDonald House to help them with the amazing work they do for sick children and their families. This is a must see event for all ages.

“I can beat both of these guys in basketball with one hoof tied behind my back, but it is going to be a lot of fun and we are doing it for The Ronald McDonald House, a great organization that helps sick children and their families, so please come join us and bring your friends,” said Amos The Wonder Horse.