Omnichannel Contact Center: All Digital Channels in One Place

The business world has favored the customer due to consumers’ many choices in today’s digital age. Online reviews can truly drive customers to or away from a business. Restaurants are a perfect example, as a few scathing reviews can lead to a patron heading to another establishment. The customer experience begins within the first few minutes, including the website’s easy navigation. Voicing opinions online about an experience with a company is common. Online reviews can end up dictating how many people visit an establishment weekly. Low ratings do not instill confidence the services or products provided will be anything but disappointing.

An omnichannel contact center helps a seamless communication stream between a business and a potential or current customer. Combining the communication data from all areas allows for smooth transitions between employees. Syncing data is so important when it comes to keeping customers happy. Keeping employees updated on what is happening and a customer’s history is invaluable. Below are ways omnichannel contact centers can help a business and more details to consider.

Contact Customers In Various Digital Ways

A number of customers will have preferred ways to contact them. Not all customers want or have time for a call to discuss their happiness with services. Sending email updates for those involved in projects or who have regular orders should be automated. Others would like to be texted about updates for what is being delivered or deadlines that are upcoming.

Facebook Messenger can also be a preferred mode of communication. The ability to keep all platforms synced and streamlined offers the best experience possible for a customer. Lapses in communication due to a lack of syncing various types of customer communication make a customer feel less valued.

Web conferencing can also be used and looked back upon by employees before another meeting is held. Consumers are much more comfortable with virtual meetings or consulting than in the past. The pandemic forced so many to work remotely where meeting on Zoom was the norm.

Regardless of the form of communication, there needs to be staff dedicated to each form. Quick forms of customer service rather than sitting and waiting for what seems like forever is preferred by a majority of consumers.

Omnichannel Versus Multichannel

Multichannel contact centers have a number of liabilities when it comes to transferring a customer to a different department. A customer that starts communicating with another employee without the background being available is a nightmare for the employee and customer. A customer is not going to feel valued if bounced around from employee to employee and has to brief each of them on their situation. The frustration of customers from being on a call for too long or having to repeat themselves can lose a customer. A person might cancel an account or future orders in a fit of rage while they look for another business to give their money to.

The wave of the future is coming with omnicenter contact centers being the most efficient. The customer is going to have a higher demand from a company they spend their money with. A seamless process that allows them to speak with who they need to with that employee being informed of their situation is vital. Happy customers don’t look elsewhere when purchasing products or services.

Adam Torkildson
Adam is a proud American citizen, entrepreneur, 2x founder, father of 2, and married. He considers himself a Constitutional Conservative and loves to golf and read books when he's not running his businesses and writing content.