New Lines of Shoes Unveiled At Magic Market Week

Pons, British Footwear Association and Italian Footwear Unveil New Lines At Magic Market Week By Pete Allman

During Magic Market Week Pons, one of the new shoe companies, exhibited for the first time at F.N. Platform. The company is owned by a husband and wife from Spain, who believe in small business’ expansion. Their 2014 Spring-Summer collection presented The Avarcas sandal. This footwear was originally designed for the Menorcan workers, and overtime morphed into a symbol of the Menorcan’s identity.

A favorite of shoe of Spanish royalty, Avarcas scandals have more than a century of tradition and today have been reinvented as a shoe for both comfort and style. All shoes are made of genuine leather on the upper part of the shoe with flexible Eco-friendly recycle rubber soles. The Brits are back at The FN Platform, where the best of British footwear talent is displayed with confidence in unparalleled creativity and style of British designers, writing over $2.2 million worth of business in February this year.

The Italian Footwear Association brings “the made in Italy that conquered the world.” A total of 23 men’s, women’s and children’s footwear makers are exhibiting their Spring/Summer 2014 collections in the Italian Pavilion. America is Italy’s third biggest export market in terms of value,6% by quantity.

In 2012, exports to the United States totaled approximately 12.9 million pairs, up 2.5% over 2011. Italian footwear has one of the largest selection’s available at Magic Market Week.

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