Netfix Streaming Rhetoric at Draconian ISP Providers

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) net-neutrality rules were recently overturned by the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. The Court nullified key provisions of the net-neutrality rules, reprimanding their provisions as being a suffused augmentation beyond their restrictions. This whole charade emanated after a tedious preceding lawsuit Verizon filed against the FCC, claiming that their regulative authority over broadband providers superseded their power. The case was won by the ISP giant, overthrowing the 2010 enacted rule.

Net-neutrality was an anti-prioritized free conduit, immune to bureaucratic procedures. An FCC arbitration that prohibited internet providers from regulating, blocking or prioritizing internet traffic; a pipeline of equality regardless of the ideological discrepancies between users and high-speed providers. But now that the principle of Governments and Internet Service Providers treating the internet-platform equally has been cascaded out a window, let’s see why Netflix is streaming rhetoric!

Netflix Streams Rhetoric

With net-neutrality completely obliterated, giants like Verizon and Comcast could potentially request higher premiums for more privileged services and higher bandwidth usage. Verizon claimed that the overturn would not hinder or alter consumers’ experience online, but it would create growth as a major factor of innovation. Netflix knows that ISP giants can now legally impede video streaming content provided to its members.


So the streaming-media database took the initiative to indirectly circumvent the situation before it escalates. Netflix reported its Q4 2013 earnings, which is like a financial report in subset increments; Anyway, in the midst of positive earnings they expressed words of caution in the company’s letter to shareholders, highlighting all the preceding chains of tandem that led to its current predicament. “Good news, Bad news,” in other words. (It’s like a Geico Commercial)

Netflix then advised and encouraged members to vigorously protest and demand that their draconian ISP providers disembark from the pipelines of internet equality, and allow the free and equal platform to flourish. Netflix believes that the pervasive support of net-neutrality could harbor a consumer-unfriendly stigma of disparaging propensity against ISPs. An avoidance that internet-providers should consider, because broad public support is a good part of their business model.