NASCAR Driver Robert Bakke Asserts ‘Everything is Possible’ in America

Robert Bakke is a black belt, a jet captain, a NASCAR driver and author of Amazon’s new #1 Best seller, “Prayer at Full Throttle.” (#1 Amazon’s “Miracles” category)

So what’s the twist? Bakke’s book is self-published … something he was warned not to do. “Everyone was telling me not to self-publish. They said it would cost too much money and would never go anywhere. Funny thing though, I’ve spent my life accomplishing what other people said wouldn’t work. Sometimes you just have to roll up your sleeves and go for it.”

According to Bakke, people need to disregard what they are hearing about living with less as being the new normal. “It’s baloney,” says Bakke, who adds, “This is America. We are a God-blessed nation, and my God doesn’t think in terms of ‘small and lack’ and neither should you. It’s time we put America and success back on the radar.”

Proving the impossible to be “possible” wasn’t always the case for Bakke. But one day in college he began reading the New Testament.

accomplish anything
Anything is possible

“I couldn’t understand why they didn’t teach this stuff in church,” says Bakke, who continues, “It rewrote the religious nonsense I had heard on Sunday mornings. It was the most encouraging and powerful information I had ever laid my eyes on. It completely changed what I thought about God, myself, and my capabilities. When I had finished reading it, I truly believed we can accomplish anything, especially when we are living in the greatest country on earth. America.”

Robert Bakke was running a multi-million dollar company by the age of 24. After shattering numerous sales records, Robert eventually said good-bye to his business career and moved on to captain jet aircraft and teach the “performance” of God’s Word. Robert received his certificate of ordination as a minister of the Gospel on April 15, 2012.