Lockerbie Bomber Brings Down Gordon Brown’s Political Career

Since Tony Blair’s perfectly timed exit from the Labour Party, and leaving the dubious honour of leading the Party to Gordon Brown, things have gone from bad to worse.

So strong was Brown’s desire to be Prime Minister, he failed to see he was being set up by his predecessor, who surely knew what lay ahead. Unfortunately, Brown’s pride and ambition is still blinding him from the truth, forcing him to lie and be deceitful in a desperate attempt to hang on to his dream.

Having survived a number of “political assassination” attempts, this latest “deal” is certain to seal his fate.

Whilst he perhaps played a supporting role in the release of the Lockerbie bomber, the main players (Blair, Mandelson, Rothschild etc.) will wriggle their way out of the mess by blaming everyone else, as usual.

Goodbye Gordon

Passing the buck seems to be the name of the game, but you have to be a member of that special “club” if you want to come out smelling of roses. Whilst Brown might think he is one of the boys, he will very soon find out how wrong he is (if he hasn’t already).

Did he really think the public would believe the story that the Scottish Ministers would make the final decision regarding the release of Abdul Baset Ali al-Megrahi?

Just like in bygone times, certain Scottish leaders have made a deal with the English that is of mutual benefit, at the expense (and reputation) of the Scottish people, perhaps made worse because the Prime Minister is also a Scot.

Gordon Brown will of course be held responsible for allowing this deal to go ahead, which has angered the Scottish people, the families of the victims in the Lockerbie bombing, the voters and the Americans. Although to be fair, the Obama administration also wants to do “oil” business in Libya, so blaming Brown and others will make that much easier.

The end result will be the departure of Gordon Brown, either at the next General Election, or in the next few weeks. Unfortunately, the real culprits will then take over and the media will convince the electorate that their hands were clean in the affair.

David Cameron, the leader of the Conservative Party, has accused David Brown of “double dealing” and said “The British Prime Minister has got to be straight with the British people”

Sadly, both parties are controlled by the same people, so voting for the Conservatives (or the Liberal Democrats) will produce exactly the same results. The “two party” system is a trick to make voters think they have a choice.

Voters are so pleased to be getting rid of one Party that they don’t even bother to examine the policies of the other. In fact, the currently serving government is often made to look bad to strengthen this feeling. This happened in the US, where the public support for Bush hit an all time low and his replacement (John McCain) was an even worse prospect! The appearance of the smooth talking Obama could not fail under the circumstances.

Yet despite all the promises made by Obama of “change,” is there really any difference? US troops are still in Iraq, and he wants to send even more to Afghanistan. David Cameron is selling exactly the same deal, how many times have you heard him talk about “change”?

The only way to really obtain a change and get rid of all these deals for oil, which cost the lives of soldiers and require special “arrangements” with terrorists, is to find the courage to vote for someone else. Why on earth support parties whose leaders are looking after their business buddies and don’t give a damn about the people who put them into power?

The reasons why the majority always vote for one of the two “main” parties is because we are told the others have no chance (or are not capable of running the country). But who tells us this? The very same people who have the power at the moment! If you were making a fortune running a business (politics is a business to these people), would you allow some competition if you had the power to stop it?

People are very easily manipulated. Take the BNP (British National Party) for example, if you were to ask people what their views were of this Party, quite a few would probably say they are extremists, racists and should be banned. But how did these people arrive at that opinion, did they check out the BNP’s policies for themselves, or are they simply repeating what others have said?

In most cases, people form an opinion on what they have heard from others, but this can often be twisted and inaccurate. Iraq has never tried to attack the US or Britain, yet we are told the invasion was to make these two countries safer. Some still believe in this lie, but those who have taken the trouble to investigate realise that it was just for the oil.

The governments that lied to us are the ones that we keep foolishly voting for. Unless we come to our senses and stop giving them “one more chance,” we will continue to see more wars, financial problems, increased unemployment, poorer health care, increasing surveillance and control, higher immigration levels and much more.

The main political parties cannot provide the change you seek, but you can by choosing someone different the next time you vote.