‘LifeinCase’ an Easy, Efficient and Effective Personal Document Storage

It is a personal document storage solution that cuts through the clutter that years of poor document management can create. LifeinCase is a durable, portable and affordable file system that organizes documents into an intuitive five-part system: Personal, Medical, Property, Estate, and Financial, each featuring a sturdy file folder and handy checklist of suggested documents to store.

LifeinCase’s 500-sheet capacity “grab-n-go tote” is lightweight yet more resilient and solid than the flimsy accordion-style folders of the past. And it requires no complicated computer programs, no scanning of documents to an online service, and no expensive membership fees.

The LifeinCase product line was prompted by a family tragedy made worse by document disaster. “My father passed away suddenly of a brain aneurysm and we were in shock and left to sort through a lifetime’s worth of papers crammed into multiple file cabinets, envelopes and lock boxes throughout the

house,” says LifeinCase co-inventor Diane Hoyle-Moran. “It was nearly impossible to find the documents we really needed such as insurance information, military papers and the will – making an already difficult time worse for my family. If we just had a guideline of what we needed to keep and one place to keep it in – it would have allowed us to settle my dad’s estate without any guesswork.”

The compact and portable LifeinCase allows homeowners to easily grab up all their important documents in an emergency situation. “We like to say – Just in Case, LifeinCase,” says co-inventor Mark Gibson. The LifeinCase is ideal for many circumstances including: home downsizing, moving or travel, emergency evacuations (floods, fires, earthquakes or hurricanes, etc.), divorce proceedings, medical documentation and insurance billing, bill paying, loan management, tax filing/audits and more. It is also handy for use by those in senior communities or assisted living residences where storage space limited.

Each LifeinCase Portable Document Solution is made in the U.S. and features:

  • A tough and attractive 12.5 x 10 x 2.5 inch “grab-n-go tote”
  • 5-part intuitive filing system organizing essential Personal, Property, Medical, Financial, and Estate documents
  • Convenient inventory checklists of 50 recommended documents
  • 500-sheet capacity

    The LifeinCase sells for $39.99 and is available at: www.LifeInCase.com