LA Art Show Soars in 2017

The now legendary LA Art Show is back. With their 22nd Annual Show, known around the world among all the top art galleries, artists, and dealers as one of the premiere art shows to show, buy and sell fine art, the LA Art Show is one of the highlights of the year. After a strongly divided country emerges in to the new year after one of the most heated Presidential races in American history, The LA Art Show launched last Wednesday night into 2017 with perhaps just what this great city of Los Angeles, and the entertainment capital of the world-needs; Art.

Held at the Los Angeles Convention Center in the newly revitalized and high class downtown Los Angeles, the L.A. Art Show brings in to this great city each year, some of the finest art displayed by over a hundred gallerists from around the world. It is truly an amazing, and exciting show that must be seen if you are fortunate enough to travel or live here.

The beautiful and sweet movie star Emma Roberts hosted the Opening Night VIP party, and proved to be charming and classy. (Read my coverage about Emma Roberts and the VIP Party at the link below). I spoke with many gallerists and artists who had sold works as early as today Friday and even on opening night Wednesday, the first VIP night of the show. Saturday and Sunday always brings the biggest crowds.


Pigment Gallery, from Barcelona Spain has some nice works, particularly my favorites by artist Lidia Masllorens, which are some very reasonably priced, fine figurative black and white works of acrylic on parchment paper. Gallerist Ferran Josa, head of Pigment is a very kind and gracious dealer who is pleasant to do business with.

ACA Galleries from New York has some nice works, with a very nice gallerist working the show.

Traditions of Newport Beach has some beautiful antique and estate jewelry.

MOCA was here this year, with some great works by Jeff Koons for sale of his inflatable baloon sculptures on various colors of dinner plates which are very reasonably priced.

You Snooze – You Lose

One gallery, which has a sign stating they are in Paris and Beverly Hills, had a person there at their table, but asleep! With her head laying down on a desk, they were – needless to say, getting no business. Hopefully she wasn’t sick, thus, the reason I am not naming names. Gallerists, this is one important reason why you must bring two people to an art show, for a relief person!

If one of your staff is so sick or tired that they have to sleep on the job, have them exit the work area and go sleep in the outer convention area lobby, away from the art show! And, make sure to be there at your post. Have a gallerist present! At least two or three other gallery booths I passed by were simply not there, with no one present. I won’t name their names, so as not to give them bad press.

Galllerists, just please remember this next time – bring a back up person! Also, make sure that the person working your table either has a personal interest in selling your art, such as a commission to gain, or, make sure that they at least like people and are sociable. Lastly, always bring literature and images in brochures or at least sheets or cards to pass out to press and potential buyers!

Art All Ways – an odd name for a gallery – has some nice works, including the huge video installation by Lindsay Scoggins in the entrance way lobby of the blue horse and red elephant titled Dichotomy Bifurcation, 2015.

Appointment Only

Even the legendary Gagosian Gallery in Bevery Hills is open during business hours to the public – with no appointment needed. Gallerists, pretentiousness and indifference to the potential buyer in the art world is dead. Unless you don’t own gallery space or deal only in private collection master works, business by appointment only is not going to give you the most business possible. Avoid appointment only, unless you are simply running your gallery part time, as a hobby, and can’t afford a gallery space and to be open all the time like a normal business.

Jane Kahan Gallery (NYC), has some stunning and great works, including ceramic works by Picasso, and beautiful tapestries of famous works by Picasso, Miro, and more, and is a wealth of knowledge.

tony song art - LA Art Show

Artist Tony Song (originally from China-now in L.A) is back, who had already sold a large painting when I spoke with him. One of his color works titled “Girl 1,” is pictured here.

Angel Ricardo Rios is featured with a striking work called “The Garden of Excesses.” MFA returns with their usual great prints of Master Works including Warhol, Picasso, and Chagall, as well as some nice Picasso ceramics.

There is much more to tell and see at this exciting show, which I will cover in the next installment of this review series.

The L.A. Art Show runs daily through Saturday, January 14th from 11am to 7pm, and on its final day-Sunday, from 11am to 5pm.

General Admission Ticket Prices – per person (well worth it)

One Day Pass: $30 – Receive $5 discount if purchased online in advance

Four-Day Pass: $60 – Received $5 discount if purchased online in advance

Location: Los Angeles Convention Center: West Hall, at 1201 South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, California, 90015.

Visit the official website at:

I will be back over the next two days covering the final weekend of the show, so stay tuned in to that here. To read all about the opening night party of the L.A. Art Show by Bruce Edwin, visit

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