Interest in Cloud Computing Makes KDDI America Choose Parallels Automation

KDDI America, the US division of KDDI Corporation that focuses on telecommunications services, has chosen Parallels, the hosting and Cloud services enablement leader, for its Parallels Automation to power KDDI America’s new Cloud service called the KA-Kloud.

KA-Kloud provides a comprehensive and secure Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution designed to let businesses transition smoothly and easily to a Cloud environment. Parallels Automation is being deployed with its Parallels Vitruozzo Containers for Windows and Linux that allows

The new system provides end-to-end service automation which allows you to control it through self-service. In this regard, KDDI America can operate the service profitably while providing you competitive pricing. Parallels Automation makes it easy for KDDI America to quickly respond to your requests for capacity and time increases and its billing features let the company offer flexible pricing.

“KA-Kloud has sparked a lot of interest from customers who want to decrease their costs and increase scalability of their IT resources,” says Nobutsugu Ogata, director of New Service Development of KDDI America. “We selected Parallels Automation to underpin this service because of its ability to help us deliver customer value on both of these fronts.”

KDDI America quickly launch KA-Kloud. “The platform’s ability to scale up to the largest Cloud deployments and the breadth of the services it can provision and manage made Parallels Automation the clear choice to power KA-Kloud,” he adds.

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John Zanni, vice president for Service Provider Alliances and Marketing of Parallels pointed out that the shift to the Cloud represents a significant growth opportunity for communication services providers.

Parallels Automation offers the fastest time to market of any solution available today, enabling communication service providers to avoid time-consuming custom development and add profitable new Cloud services to their portfolios in a matter of weeks,” says Zanni. “KDDI America recognizes this opportunity, and we are happy to partner with KDDI America to help them in getting to market quickly with a portfolio of Cloud services that meet their customers’ IT needs, starting with an IaaS offering.”

The KDDI Group has 59 global data centers and network coverage that spans over 170 countries and regions including Asia, North America, South America, Europe and Australia.