Industries Likely to Prosper Under ‘Trump Thump’ Presidency

The surprise election of Donald J. Trump to the presidency of the United States has thrown the establishment into disarray. Initially, Washington scoffed at the notion that an outsider like Trump would ever stand a chance of winning the highest office in the land. The elites have been humbled, and a tsunami started in the capital on January 20, 2017.

Trump is the antithetical hero to some, and a bigoted, misogynistic narcissist to others. We know him as an entertainer who is used to getting his own way with TV shows like The Apprentice, Miss Universe Pageant, and his regular timeslot on Fox News.

Trump Is a Tough Nut to Crack – No Pun Intended

But now that he has ascended to the presidency, he is infinitely more powerful and influential than ever before. Yet Donald J. Trump is no fool. He built up a multibillion-dollar business, and he has stood the test of time. His bombastic ways have enabled him to survive in the cutthroat real estate industry, and the cannibalistic gambling industry.

That Trump has emerged, bruised and battered, from a searing election campaign is par for the course. He has the grit and determination to triumph over adversity, and he has proven this repeatedly.

What Does a Trump Presidency Mean for the Economy?

On an economic front, uncertainty prevails about the future of certain industries under Donald J. Trump. For starters, he has promised massive fiscal stimulus to reinvigorate the US economy. He is hoping to generate GDP growth in the region of 3% + over the course of his presidency, by boosting US productivity and having trillions of dollars repatriated back to US shores.

Trump will push for these measures by applying pressure on US companies to bring their money back home. This money will then be reinvested in additional manufacturing facilities, retail operations and the like. If Trump succeeds in lowering the corporate tax rate to 15%, or 20% (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan believes 20% is doable), we could see significant activity taking place on Wall Street.

Trump is also seeking to deregulate the US economy. He believes that multiple layers of regulatory controls are doing damage to the US economy and that removing them will allow businesses to hire more people, grow and increase their profitability. From a logical standpoint, this makes sense.

Overregulation is an impediment to growth, since it ensnares companies in bureaucratic red tape and slows down their ability to hire, grow and generate sizeable returns. However, the flipside of the coin is the reasoning for all this regulation: public safety.

Trump will have to walk a fine line with agencies like the EPA, state regulators and other special interests to avoid a mutiny from within his own ranks. Government’s primary responsibility is not to big business, but to its citizens. The health and well-being of America is now in Donald Trump’s hands.

What Are Analysts Saying About Various Industries under Trump?

The left decries Trump as a proverbial gorilla with a sledgehammer in a Swarovski crystal store. Trump is unhinged, unscripted, and extremely sensitive to criticism. He has no problem coming out swinging against his opponents, and this unsettles markets.

For all her scandal, arrogance and aloofness, Hillary Clinton was the preferred candidate of investors. Her decades of experience in diplomacy should have groomed her for the role, but her malfeasance was her undoing.

Leading analysts from the top binary options brokers believe that certain industries will prosper under a Trump presidency. These include building and construction, mining, energy and telecommunications. With all the infrastructure development that is planned with fiscal expenditure, it is likely that Trump will act as a catalyst for these industries.

Already the USD is performing strongly, and expectations of further gains by the greenback are certainly within the realm of possibility. The USD was recently trading at a 14-year high with the DXY trending around 102. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (the Dow 30) is hovering around the critical 20,000 level, and the performance of other US indices are equally notable.

For now, it is safe to say that the ‘Trump Thump’ effect will certainly worry certain sectors, especially with his bullying tactics from his powerful bully pulpit. But then again if you are on the Trump Train, you’ve got an express ticket to a better future.