I Want Your Money!

Caught your attention, didn’t I 🙂 ? It’s all about the Money, isn’t it?

The world seems to be fueled by money & those that have it. A business or professional provides essential services or products. They cater to the present or future needs but one thing is right on target, all of them are targeting the money in your bank. They want It! That is the system.

The reason why everyone cannot earn substantial amount of money is that there is a conflict of needs, priorities, talents & goals. Everyone may have the potential to earn money but how many have the courage and the will to be disciplined enough to see a project through despite the time, effort and grit required for it.

In my consulting career, I have seen so many owners conflicted about growth and earning money that it ceases to be funny. Small tweaks were all they needed to jump from small to BIG Money but many chose not to do so because their ego & pride wasn’t allowing them to change. They just weren’t ready to see reality and make changes in their business or processes for results to happen.

In instances, when we were brought in, as consultants, we identified problem issues, offered solutions and that’s it, then we usually came up against a wall. The business owners didn’t want change and they didn’t want solutions. They wanted yes men. Yes, doesn’t work when you hire consultants who get paid to see the situation as it is and communicate it with proper solutions especially in cases when businesses are bleeding money. You are not paid to say yes because you are now responsible for delivering results to a business owner’s problem, whatsoever it may be and deliver them to profits.

The owners that didn’t resist our advice and followed it were soon sitting on a multi-million dollar business. They were making a lot of money.

Its all about money. Money is about many things i.e. excellence, service, reach, visibility, reputation and more. Therefore when you feel that things aren’t going your way, reach out to experts who can assist you look at the right picture so that you forge ahead towards your goal.

Raj Sukheja

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Raj Sukheja
I have been an Independent Thinker, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, Author & a Philosopher. I primarily write on Self Development, Spirituality & Business. With over 2 short books published and over 1000 posts, articles and quotes since the past 10 years. I try to write on complex subjects in simple words so that everyone can interpret and understand the nuances of life and business.I have been working since an early age and now have over 3 decades of experience with business and over 5 decades with life :) and have been through it all. Sometimes, my lifetime experiences make me feel 400 years old or older.I hope to share my experiences with readers so that they can improve their lives both personal and at work through my experiences.Light, Love, Regards and Blessings To All.Raj SukhejaAlso known as UltaGuru in Spiritual Forums where I write.May The Force Bless Us All.