How to Use Amazon to Boost Sales in a Failing Business

If you are running an eCommerce business or a manufacturing business that is failing, you may find that you can boost your sales using the Amazon selling platform. With well over 200 million customers worldwide, it is a huge market within which you could list your stock and reach new customers. Of course, you will have to perform some important tasks before you take this, but it is more than likely to be worth your while and could change the fortunes of your failing business for the better.

#1 Research which products will sell best

You will have to research which of the products out of the ones that you are currently selling or manufacturing will sell best. This is so that you can gain an influx of sales in order to boost your business before trying to sell those items that seem less in demand.

In a manufacturing business especially, you will find that due to size, some products, although seeming like a profitable line to sell, might not be a good fit due to the excessive postage costs for sending or insuring those items in transit.

#2 Get professional help with marketing

Amazon is very much its own little part on the internet, and to succeed and regrow your business quickly and effectively, you will need the help of professionals that know the site inside and out. Hiring specialist Amazon marketing services can typically give you an edge over competitors that have chosen to go it alone and can provide you with positive results as well as analytical information about how best to approach any future sales strategies.

#3 Find a distribution company

Of course, to get your products to your newfound customers, you will need to hire a competent delivery or shipping business, especially if you feel that your local postal system will not cope or the size of your orders (or products) is too large. When selecting the business you choose, you should keep in mind its reputation.

If it is bad, or they have a habit of losing or not delivering orders on time, you should look elsewhere regardless of how cheap their services happen to be. This is because, to your customers, the delivery service’s reputation will soon become your business’s reputation as your customers will struggle to differentiate between the two businesses.

#4 Taking advantage of FBA services

Of course, you can take advantage of Amazon’s FBA premium service, but not all products are eligible for this service. Amazon’s FBA service is when Amazon holds your stock for you and ships it on your behalf directly to your customer. This can save warehouse space and provide packing and logistic services, although you will have to get your stock to them in the first place.

#5 Staff training

You most certainly aren’t going to want to perform all of the listings yourself, so it is important that you train your employees how to go about using the Amazon seller portal on your behalf. Although this is relatively easy, as with everything that is new, it may take time to become second nature. Of course, you will soon find that a lot of the relisting can be automated, but it has to already have been in place to be replicated.

Adam Torkildson
Adam is a proud American citizen, entrepreneur, 2x founder, father of 2, and married. He considers himself a Constitutional Conservative and loves to golf and read books when he's not running his businesses and writing content.