How to Know When You Can Buy A Home

Buying or selling real estate involves an exchange. A house for money. We know that the property is there, we can see it with our own eyes, but what about the money? A person selling a house who is a real estate agent will look at the buyer in one of two ways. They either consider them pre qualified, or they don’t. Meeting with a lender before looking at a place does not guarantee that financing is definitely going to go through.

A loan application can be declined because of any number of reasons. But a buyer meeting with a lender will have at least some idea if they qualify for certain loans if they go to a lender. Therefore, the pre-qualified buyers represent less of a risk to a seller than a person who is not pre-qualified who has not met with a lender. As a result, a person selling a home, whether it is a real estate agent representing the homeowner, or a homeowner that knows what he or she is doing, will seek out buyers that are pre-qualified before they will deal with someone who has never visited a lender.

Visiting a lender, especially if it is your first time, may be stressful. Los Angeles Real Estate Expert Alba Quezada however has created a process that takes away all of the hassle with finding where to go and what to do. For this summer, Alba is offering home buyers a free consultation by phone or in person to explain what lender to go to based on their needs, how best to get pre approved in the quickest, fastest, easiest way possible, and beyond all that, how to get them in the best home possible for the best value for their money.

Alba states, “Now there is actually ‘free’ grant money of up to 3% for buyers that they don’t need to pay back” which she will help lead them to getting. Alba adds, “I will never show homes to a buyer if they have not been pre-qualified with a lender, and I make it as simple as possible for the buyer.” And she continues, “Today is good time to buy! There is a lot of inventory and a lot people are losing their homes and so the market value to buy is great!”

To take advantage of Alba’s summer buyer program, which is free for new clients, call Alba M. Quezada: Direct Tel: 323-855-3894

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