How can you develop an impactful PPC campaign for your eLearning business?

You just created an amazing eLearning course and are now looking forward to selling it.

Starting from designing an ad campaign to launching it, all of this will require brainstorming. As money would be on stake, your ad campaign would need to be optimized. Otherwise, you might just be throwing away money for nothing.

So, how to prevent that? What is the right way to optimize it?

In this post, we talk about some of the most useful techniques to develop an impactful PPC campaign for your eLearning business.

Tips to develop an impactful PPC campaign for your eLearning business

While you create a PPC ad campaign for your eLearning business, these are the points you need to keep in mind.

1. Start with content

Anything that we see anywhere is either content or inspiration for content. And when we talk about content on the web, it is generally in the form of texts or visuals.

But that’s not the point. The point is that whatever be the form of your content (textual or visual), it should make sense.

A good piece of content will always be clear, concise and compelling. You should create your ad copies keeping these three c’s in mind.

Sounds ambiguous? Stay with me here.

  • Be clear with your words when you create content. A user reading or viewing your content mustn’t be given chances to assume things. It would make them think. And thinking is work, that no-one wants to do.

    So, keep this in mind and don’t be ambiguous at all.

  • Another quality that a good piece of content would have is conciseness. The aim is to convey your message in lesser words.

    If you are focusing on creating a video, try to shorten the video’s length a bit. And if you are writing a textual copy, then cut-short the long sentences. Don’t use huge blocks of text. Those are hell boring and turn users off.

    This goes both for your ad copy and content on your landing page.

  • Try to be compelling with your content. After all, that is the final goal, right?

    We’ve all come across compelling content pieces. Something which totally bought you. Something you couldn’t say no to. We’ve all encountered pieces like that. The key now is to be that way.

    This will dramatically enhance your ad campaign’s performance.

2. Target the right audience

After you have written a great ad copy and created great landing page content, targeting is your next go to.

This is something that every ad campaign on the web needs to be. Targeted.

But how are you gonna do it?

Well, whether you use Google AdWords, Bing ads or Facebook ads, there’s some good news for you.

All the ad platforms (all the great ones at least) let you target audience according to their interests based on a number of demographics.

For example, you would know who your course’s target audience is. You would know if the course is meant to educate school going students or engineering graduates or professionals working in MNCs.

This will ensure that your ad is displayed only to your potential audience.

A great way of optimizing your PPC campaign to help you save money as you make more.

3. Clear the clutter

We all have a friend who can’t stand clutter. Not their fault but it can get annoying at times, right?

Guess what? On the web, every single user coming to your website is that friend.

You yourself would know how much do we ‘not like’ websites with tons of data scribbled across the whole page in no uniform fashion. Ads, pop-ups, large images, small images, ugly texts, colorful fonts, we’ve all seen that at some point in time.

And so we know that it’s highly unattractive.

What you can do is keep your landing pages clean. Give out the information which is needed and which aids to boosting conversion rates. Set up an actionable CTA and maybe read more about crafting great landing pages.

Making the right kind of changes to your website will always reward you with higher CTRs.

Final words

Using PPC to get more conversions towards your eLearning course is a good idea. Just that it’s not the easiest to implement.

For further help you can even use eLearning Industry’s PPC network for learning management systems.

It is good for delivering ads on a comparison directory for LMS providers.

All-in-all, with this article we tried to help our readers who are looking forward to marketing their eLearning courses with PPC ad campaigns. Hopefully we could help some.

Melissa Thompson
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