How A Company Can Revamp Their Sales Team

Sales is important whether a person is selling ice cream or has a great job as an FBO consultant. Sales is a grind but the financial rewards for staff can be immense. If sales has been suffering it is time to take a look at a variety of aspects that impact sales. Correcting any mistakes is important and going over processes is equally important as the company might find that the sales team is wasting time doing paperwork that outsourced contractors can handle at a fraction of the price. The following are tips and tactics that will help a company revamp their sales team as well as take the company to new heights.

Bring In New Talent

At times a company simply has to bring in new sales talent and terminate those that have consistently been underperforming. Shaking up the sales department and letting the staff know that average numbers are not acceptable might be enough. Look into hiring a person that has sales experience in a variety of niches as this proves they can be successful regardless of what they are selling. Those who have experience in the niche that company is in should be top candidates as great salespeople still have personal contacts around an industry as they have built personal rapport with those they have sold to.

Automate Processes

The best thing that can be done is to automate all processes possible as it saves time and eliminates the possibility of human error. This could be everything from populating sales forms or importing information of potential leads. The sales team should be selling and leaving the other work for the rest of the company. This will lead to the highest ROI on the salary that the sales team is making along with the company will be closing more sales on a daily basis.

Track The Sales Funnel Accurately

Having a CRM or a specific way to track the sales funnel accurately could not be more important. The sales team needs to know as much information about a client before they start pitching. Communication between the marketing department and sales department is imperative as losing a lead can happen from unclear communication. Trying to sell a client the same item when transferred to the sales department they already said they were not interested in can make a potential sale go elsewhere. Customers want to feel valued so remembering small details is paramount in the sales process.

Collaborate With The Marketing/Advertising Departments

Bringing in leads is a huge function of the marketing and advertising departments. The quality of the leads is determined by the sales team so collaboration can have a positive impact. This can help shape the campaigns in order to bring in more qualified leads that are ready to buy. Do not let sales take over these departments as marketing does more than just bring in leads by managing brand image and voice. The strategy needs to bring in leads while not compromising the integrity of the brand. Overselling in pieces of content can seem like spam even if it works on certain customers it can alienate others.

Melissa Thompson
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