Green is the New Way: Benefits of Green Junk Removal

The time between holidays and summer is rarely enough time to clean before the kids are out of summer vacation. Overlooked old toys, clothes, and furniture is typical, even if there was a thorough spring cleaning. Ridding a house of clutter is more than putting it on the curb. Green methods of junk removal are the best path to decluttering.

Consider Donation

Donating is something that people often forget. Local shelters for domestic violence victims, the Salvation Army, and Red Cross are always looking for clothes, toys, and miscellaneous items to help people in need. A single pair of shoes changes a person’s perceptive.

Natural disasters, domestic issues, and homelessness are part of the global quilt. Taking the time to drop off a bag or two of discarded items makes a difference with people who have nothing.

When Junk is Junk

Clutter is sometimes just that, clutter. Rather than junking items at the trash bins, recycling is an option. Using a junk removal service tears down broken electronics and appliances and recycles the components safely.

Converting the old television into something useful is far better than throwing it out without a second thought. Replacing appliances makes it easy to forego recycling the old or broken one. However, reducing the human footprint and turning trash into treasures are both noble efforts.

The Reminder of Recyclable Materials

Recycling and reusing are not always possible. Knowing the specifics of what is recyclable saves the hassle of donating useless items. At the same time, a junk removal service is apt to be the best answer because of their expert knowledge on everything recyclable.

  • Plastics
  • Paper
  • Metals
  • Textiles
  • Glass

Commercial Junk Removal

New office space or an overhaul of decor leaves behind trash that likely is another’s treasure. Paper usage alone makes commercial junk removal worth the phone call. A business manager or office personnel do not have to sort through binders to separate plastic from paper. It saves time and the planet.

The small fee is a small price to pay for recycling and having unrequired items repurposed for other uses.

Whether residential or commercial, a junk removal service guides people into leaving less of a footprint on the environment and lending space to the newest tech item or wardrobe. Even replacing carpet comes easier when someone is there to tote it off at the end of the day.

Melissa Thompson
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