Folsom Streetscape Work Starts with Potholing

Teichert Construction were awarded the contract for the Folsom Historic District Streetscape Project. The first visible work is to determine the location of the underground utilities prior to excavation.

Shannon Cheyne, the merchants association manager said the work is progressing well, moving through the 900 and 800 blocks, then into the 700 block this week. It was held up a short time due to rain in the past week.

Shannon walked the Historic District with Teichert Superintendent, Jeff Gudahl, visiting several businesses, and indicating some of the shops that have a lot of breakables. The Teichert team is aware of the sensitivity of the businesses and say they are confident the vibrations will not be disruptive to any glassware or products on shelves.

Potholing is scheduled to continue down Sutter Street through next week and will start on Decatur, Wool, Scott and Riley.

The granite monuments in the 800 block have now been moved, allowing for work on the median to commence. The monuments will be displayed in another part of the district.

The City has developed a new Revitalization Brochure that will be distributed to merchants this week. Many merchants have Sutter Street Revitalization stickers that can be used on bags, or given as hand outs to children.

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