Dating in Los Angeles – Nothing is Perfect

Having been a matchmaker for twenty years and married myself, I believe that I have a few things to say to the Los Angeles singles that are searching for their “perfect” partner.

Tip number one: “There is no such thing as perfect.” So forget the red flags and giving up on a nice person after one date. You will be alone for the rest of your life if you want to hold out for that perfect person. The fact of the matter is, no dating agency or matchmaker will be able to produce you with a perfect woman or man no matter how much money you pay them.

Tip number two: Stop doing the same things that are getting you no results. Try something different and date a different type. Simply quit being so narrow and closed minded. Stop looking for the person that is perfect on paper and take a chance by meeting the person that your matchmaker (you hired) feels would be good for you.

sherri murphy in red
Sherri Murphy, Elite Connections CEO

Obviously you trusted your matchmaker enough to pay her and trusted they would help you. Try meeting a person that is not your type and see what happens. If you think they are not really right but you are slightly intrigued, go out with them again before you make a decision. We have many marriages because people took this advice from our matchmakers.

Tip number 3: Don’t be judgmental. Many times women don’t want to meet men that are not super successful. They have a negative outlook on life, with an “I don’t want to settle” attitude and don’t have what these men are looking for. They pass up other men that they could have had an awesome life with. More than half of the matchmakers at my company met their husbands or significant other were just a little less than blown away by their current partners when they first met.

As women know, many times attraction takes time, but it will develop and you can in fact learn to love the right person. With men it’s a bit more difficult as they are simply attracted or not. But men can be attracted to more than physical looks (energy, personality, excitement for life, intelligence or athleticism). If a woman has a few of those characteristics and has taken care of herself physically, then she’s got it made. Just something to consider.