Convert Readers Into Customers With Hot-Sizzling Content For Your Business Blog

Great content is key to producing a successful business blog – or any blog or website. So it is vital for online entrepreneurs to learn blogging techniques to publish content on any site they operate.

Knowing how to blog in a compelling way is a highly valuable way to attract new customers or keep current ones motivated to purchase your product or services. A great business blog or website show customers and beginning readers why they need to do business with you and not your competitors.

The downside to having a business blog or multiple blogs is when none of them has been updated or they are thinly disguised as direct sales pitches. If a blog operator is taking an extended sabbatical for whatever reason this can result in having readers turn away from the site, so keep up to data and you will be rewarded.

Conjuring up ideas for a blog or website may first seem a bit hard but it’s more easier than you think if you know what make your product valuable and beneficial for people and be able to communicate your thoughts and ideas into words.

ideas for blogs

Napoleon Hill once said, “Any idea, plan, or purpose may be placed in the mind through repetition of thought.” [ ]

The key secret to winning success online is a no-brainer: you must frequently produce great content. As most of us know even great writers struggle with writer’s block. And small business owners or even staff employed at larger businesses where written communication is vital sometimes experience the writer’s block syndrome when staring at a blank computer screen or notebook paper.

If you’re not an english major or gifted with words to communicate the benefits of your business you may be saying “I have nothing to say – or what should I say – or how should I start things off?”

Wrong: You have far more to say to people than you realize. It boils down to tapping into your unconscious state of mind. For example, remember how it took you several minutes to explain something important in a step-by-step manner? Remember discussing how you planned to start an online business and what it took to get started?

Well blogging content onto your site is similar. You just have to learn how to place the words in an effective manner.

Are you still with me?

The Short List

Okay. Here go a short list. Think of creating ideas this way for a blog:

(1) Keep a notebook handy to jot down your ideas when they strike your membrane.

(2) Read as many websites or blogs relevant to yours and study the articles and comments from readers.

(3) Send comments and questions to blogs and websites to stimulate ideas. And on and on e.t.c

(4) Write and re-write. May I repeat: write and re-write what the benefits are for potential customers to purchase what you offer.

(5) If your imagination goes brain dead, why not consider, if budgeting allows, to hire professional blog writers with SEO(Search Engine Optimization) experience to jumpstart the publishing of content.

To repeat, blogging for your business helps attract new customers and it solidifies your brand for current needs as well keeps your site updated with fresh, engaging content which serves to help your site rank high with search engines.

Finding Ideas To Share And Write

If you are thinking how on earth can you find words to spark your imagination, here are 25 hard-hitting ideas for business blog posts:

(1) Industry News: Stay well-informed of recent news and events relevant to your product or services including being informed of any court decisions or government rules targeting business trends.

industry news ideas

(2) Daily Life: Develop a simple company plan to engage your audience to build trust between your readers and potential customers.

(3) Business History: Introduce yourself to readers and reveal who you really are, and discuss what inspired you to start your business. Talk about how you raised funding to get your business off the ground, the obstacles endured, and how you overcame the setbacks to succeed.

(4) Product Description: Describe your product’s key features and provide unique benefits in a compelling way to outshine competitors.

(5) Product Comparison: Try comparing your product with your competitor’s product. Use a passionate tone to explain every beneficial aspect of what you have to offer. And make sure to show how your product or service has more added features, or whatever the benefits are, than anyone else in your industry.

(6) Video Tutorials: Provide a step-by-step guide showing customers how-to use your product. Don’t be dull. Be energetic in sharing thorough knowledge on what it takes to accomplish something vital for your audience.

(7) Company News: Use your blog to provide regular updates about your business progress and discuss any forthcoming new products:whether you’re planning to expand, provide tips on new trends, or planning to add a bonus to existing products. Also be personable when describing these issues; talk about your family, the celebration of a family member birthday including hobbies and don’t forget tidbits about sports.

(8) Offer an excerpt from an interesting ebook, feature article or a white paper with a call to action to download the remaining information.

(9) Offer an excerpt from an upcoming beneficial webinar filled with valuable information.

(10) Re-publish existing content: Find in-demand top motivational Youtube Videos, ebooks, webinars or infographics for your audience to view on your blog.

(11) Utilize social media: Social media is the “hottest” activity platform in the world. So learn how-to use Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and other social programs to talk about your product or services on your blog.

(12) Interview Experts: Post interviews with experts who occasionally can answer questions and share their views on the industry.

interview experts

(13) Publish responses to frequently asked questions about your industry by creating a list of trends to watch.

(14) Interview regular readers and customers and post them on your blog.

(15) Publish guest posts as well publish content related to the current season.

(16) Offer to give away an item like an ebook or special report to your readers if they purchase certain products as well consider discounting items if purchased in bulk or two-for-one.

(17) Make donations to a good cause or consider joining a humanitarian organization. Publish articles about important happenings in your community. Comment about controversial topics affecting or helping communities.

(18) Blog about positive feedback your company received from experts, a write-up in a newspaper, newsletter, or online news publishers.

(19) Post captioned images of customers expressing satisfaction with your product.

(20)) Discover interesting tips published in other article content – then publish those tips and provide links to the articles as documented sources.

(21) Repeat: write a number of reasons why someone should purchase your product or service.

(22) FAQ: By having a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) menu, this shows your responsiveness to customers concerns.

(23) Create your own specific questions. Example: what do you need to know about your customers? By asking, this allows your readers to create additional content.

(24) Talk about how your company handles disputes, complaints, and discuss return and refund policies.

(25) Share other helpful resources with your customers to supplement the usage of your products.

Final Thought: It Just Takes A Little Effort

Okay, my friend. Let’s get started churning out ideas onto your keyboard or notebook. You are trying to run a business and make money but without traffic coming into your site, it can be difficult to attract readership and win customers. There is a mother lode of ideas to tap into, besides the ones mentioned in this article, if you sit down and just keep thinking.

So dive into it. Your audience is waiting for you to exhale.

As an analyst and researcher for the PI industry and a business consultant, Clarence Walker is a veteran writer, crime reporter and investigative journalist. He began his writing career with New York-based True Crime Magazines in Houston Texas in 1983, publishing more than 300 feature stories. He wrote for the Houston Chronicle (This Week Neighborhood News and Op-Eds) including freelancing for Houston Forward Times.

Working as a paralegal for a reputable law firm, he wrote for National Law Journal, a publication devoted to legal issues and major court decisions. As a journalist writing for internet publishers, Walker’s work can be found at American, Gangster Inc., Drug War Chronicle, Drug War101 and Alternet.

His latest expansion is to News Break.News Break avatar

Six of Walker’s crime articles were re-published into a paperback series published by Pinnacle Books. One book titled: Crimes Of The Rich And Famous, edited by Rose Mandelsburg, garnered considerable favorable ratings. Gale Publisher also re-published a story into its paperback series that he wrote about the Mob: Is the Mafia Still a Force in America?

Meanwhile this dedicated journalist wrote criminal justice issues and crime pieces for John Walsh’s America’s Most Wanted Crime Magazine, a companion to Walsh blockbuster AMW show. If not working PI cases and providing business intelligence to business owners, Walker operates a writing service for clients, then serves as a crime historian guest for the Houston-based Channel 11TV show called the “Cold Case Murder Series” hosted by reporter Jeff McShan.

At NewsBlaze, Clarence Walker expands his writing abilities to include politics, human interest and world events.

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