Consumer Electronics Showcase – New Innovations In Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Convention Center welcomes The Consumer Electronics Association on January 8th-11th. The panelists and exhibitors for the Hi Resolution Auto Experience will have executives from Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group. They will be joined by iTrax and Mytek Digital as Tech Zone exhibitors.

Panelists include Mark Piibe – EVP Global business development for Sony Music Entertainment, Jim Belcher, VP of Technology and Production for Universal Music Group, Norman Chesky, co-founder and President of HD Tracks, Chad Kassem, founder and Ceo of Acoustic Sounds, Cookie Marenco, founder of Blue Coast Music, Mark Waldrep, founder and president of and C. Jared Sacks, managing director of Native DSD Music.

The Hi Resolution Creators are available from 3-4pm on Tuesday January 7th, to discuss the music creative process, the benefits of recording in high resolution audio and their most recent hi-res projects’ key characteristics of eac meta data to enhance the overall music experience.

Panelist Speakers

Elliot Scheiner, producer, mixer, and engineer of ELS Surround

Allen Sides – engineer and producer of Ocean Way Recording,

John Newton – founder and president of Soundmirror Inc,

C. Jared Sacks – producer and engineer of Channel Classics

David Chesky – composer, musician and producer with Chesky Records,

Cookie Marenco – founder and executive producer of Blue Coast Records

Mark Waldrep – founder and president of

Hi-Res Audio for Every Lifestyle

On Wednesday, January 8th from 1-2pm, Hi Res Audio for Every Lifestyle examines the variety of high resolution devices available today.

The Consumer Electronics Show was first held in New York City and has tried variations of it’s show in different parts of the country. It has always been held once a year in Las Vegas and is the biggest show of it’s kind. The public attends the show, as well as industry professionals.

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