Construction Conference Guide: The Top 3 Construction Trade Shows to Attend in 2019

Did you know construction spending in 2018 increased by 7%? Due to the rise in spending, there will be more workers in the industry. This causes a greater need for professional education in the construction industry.

It doesn’t require going back to school. The construction industry has trade shows and construction conference choices to further education. Let’s take a look at the top three shows to attend in 2019.

Best of the Best in Construction Conference

In 2019, there are a variety of construction conferences around the world. Each of them has a varied and different focus. These three conferences provide great learning opportunities and vast courses and tracks.

Autodesk University

Autodesk University is a conference that brings in over 10,000 professionals. Industry leaders from architecture, manufacturing, engineering, and construction come together for four days.

Autodesk allows professionals to network together and share knowledge from their expertise. They establish best practices for the years to come. The Autodesk Expo gives attendees the chance to make partnerships with businesses. To add to that, they learn ways to take their business to the next level.

DBIA’s Annual Conference & Expo

DBIA (Design-Build Institute of America) hosts a conference and expo every year. This conference brings in thousands of people and attendees. It allows several hundred exhibitors to set up in their expo hall.

DBIA gathers experts from across the nation in the design-build industry. DBIA focuses on real-world examples of design-build projects. They are stored in a hall they call “Design-Build Done Right.”

Awards for Distinguished Leadership and DBIA Project/Team get chosen and presented at the conference. These celebrate phenomenal projects and project team leaders. This conference doesn’t discriminate. It allows both professionals and people new to the industry to attend.

ICW 2019

International Construction Week (ICW) 2019 is ICW’s 21st event. They host the biggest players in the construction industry. There are trend discussions in construction and innovative technology. They also provide ample relationship building events.

This conference takes place in Malaysia. It’s one of the largest construction conferences in the world. There are hundreds of well-known companies that take part in the expo. This presents opportunities for those who attend.

International Construction Week has a sister conference. The International Construction Transformation Conference (ICTC) takes place during the same week. As the construction industry evolves, innovative technology released helps achieve higher quality standards.

ICTC looks to achieve goals in sustainability, productivity, technology improvements, and enhancing partnerships.

Attending Conferences

Furthering your education in the construction industry is accomplished in a number of ways. You could go to school, audit some classes, or study to receive a certificate. One of the most beneficial is being a construction conference attendee.

You don’t further your education. You get to network with like professionals and explore exciting work opportunities. Take part in discussions about the latest trends in the industry and staying up to date on changing protocols is also a plus. Lastly, you get to try out innovative technology and programs.

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