Can You Make Money When You Don’t Have A Job?

Well, the answer to that is both a NO and YES. It’s impossible to earn money today without doing anything, but there are certainly many ways where you can avoid the monotonous nine to five jobs, and at the same time earn income. They might not pay as much as a high position desk job, but it pays enough to get by with some spare time for yourself.

There are different sources of income out there such as the following:

  1. Start investing money

One way to make money without having a daily job is to invest your money. That way, you can earn a passive income. By investing your hard earned savings, you are giving your funds a chance to grow. If your funds are growing, it’ll lead to having a more financially stable life.

But once you invest your money, it’s never a guarantee that it would 100% grow; there’s always a risk for it to be lost. As a rule of investment, you should always be careful where you’re investing your money.

Here are two safer suggestions on where you could invest your money:

  • Peer to Peer Lending – this is also referred to as P2P lending, and it’s one of the most recommended short term investments out there in the financial world. In P2P, you are lending your money to a borrower through an online service that helps you pick the rate of return to satisfy your preference. It helps in matching the lender with the borrower, so you don’t have to worry about people not paying you back because the online service usually screens borrowers with a very thorough process to avoid scams and fraud.
  • Real Estate – You don’t need to be a millionaire to invest in real estate. There are some real estate investment companies out there that let you start investing with at least 500 USD, so it’s very beneficial to people who don’t have large funds. Plus, real estate investments have low risks and usually have a high-interest rate especially in 2019, so your chances of receiving less than you put out are slim.
  1. Rent out space

If you have extra space in your home or apartment, then you could rent it out. That way, you would be earning income monthly, weekly, or anytime, depending on your agreement with the renter.

Of course, the money you’d be making this way won’t be enough to support a shopping spree, but if your target is to have a stable income that pays the bills without breaking a sweat, then this method is best for you.

But be cautious as to whom you rent your space to, it must be through a recommendation from a trusted friend or anyone that you trust so that you can avoid scams. Or you can post your rentals through Airbnb or the like as long as you make your space unique and attractive.

Also, before you rent the space, make sure that you keep it neat, clean, and if possible, equip it with essential amenities so that you can have a higher rate to offer.

  1. Answer online surveys

With a simple google search, there are many accessible survey websites out there. These websites pay you to answer surveys. You can even answer surveys while you’re just chilling on the couch or watching television.

The pay depends on the surveys that you have answered. Some surveys offer 20 USD at most. The only problem with this method is its inconsistency. Every time you visit the survey website, it’s not a guarantee that you would always earn because the surveys are fed to you depending on your age, location, etc. And most surveys require a demographic preference, and if you don’t fit with the survey’s demographic preference, then you won’t be able to answer the survey.

Most surveys also target respondents living in big cities, so if you’re currently in a small town, then you have a very slim chance of a survey being fed to you.

But as long as you fit the demographics required, it will be convenient for you if you want to earn very easy money without having a job.


Investing your money, renting out space, and answering surveys will surely let you make money without a daily job, but it will definitely not make you rich overnight. The road to a financially stable life requires a lot of skills, hard work, and patience. If you’re only looking for something to pay the bills, then the ways mentioned will definitely suit your style.

Melissa Thompson writes about a wide range of topics, revealing interesting things we didn’t know before. She is a freelance USA Today producer, and a Technorati contributor.