Can the BNP Provide The Radical Changes Needed in British Politics?

Let’s be honest, the party currently in power (Labour) are hardly a good advert for honesty and fairness, and clearly do not seek what is best for the British people.

We have seen MP’s fiddling the taxpayers with their expenses, and more recently we have witnessed what really goes on behind the scenes with the release of the Lockerbie bomber.

Despite denials, Labour politicians (and unelected individuals connected with them) have been involved in secret talks and meetings with the Libyan leader Gaddafi and his son, regarding the release of Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi.

For many years Libya and Gaddafi have been shunned by most of the world (especially Britain and the US), but all that changed when the prospect of making billions of pounds suddenly raised its “oily” head. The US and Britain started to make friendly gestures and wanted us to believe that Gaddafi was a different man, a person who we could do business with, a time to forgive and forget.

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But has Gaddafi, who was once described as “Barking mad” by a prominent British journalist (claiming he broke wind constantly throughout an interview), changed? Can a leopard change its spots?

The only change in Libya is the prospect of large volumes of oil and the huge profits available to oil companies like BP. As usual, the possibility of oil can turn even the devil into a “decent chap” and tempt governments into sacrificing thousands of its citizens for its possession. Saddam Hussein used to be a western “friend” until he turned off the oil tap, but he eventually paid the price when his country was illegally invaded and found himself dangling at the end of a rope. His people have endured incredible suffering since the invasion and many thousands of US troops (and allies) have died or been severely injured as a result.

Tony Blair is one of the prominent figures involved in the “Libya Deal,” along with Lord Mandelson and of course Nat Rothschild. Others who must have had some knowledge or involvement are probably numerous, and names like Gordon Brown and David Miliband have been mentioned.

Voters will probably try to comfort themselves with the knowledge that Labour will not win the next General Election and we will have a “new” party with “fresh” ideas.

Unfortunately, it makes no difference which of the main parties gain power, as they all have the same masters. In Britain, as in the US, the voters are given two parties to choose from, this is to give the public an illusion of choice. It does not matter to the power brokers who win, as they control both.

In order for this system to work, the public are forced into a “heads or tails” situation, any other potential candidates are discredited by the usual players, with the help of the mainstream media who are there to manipulate public opinion.

A good example of this was seen in the US when Ron Paul attempted to become a presidential candidate. Despite a huge following (mainly on the internet), the media deliberately hid his successes from the public, ensuring that his growing popularity would not encourage others to take an interest. He was excluded from poll results and refused access to many important debates.

With the General Election getting nearer, we are seeing similar tactics being used against the BNP (British National Party). Even though the mainstream media tell us that they have no chance of winning the election, they still feel it is necessary to “blacken” their image (no pun intended). If they really have no chance, why should anyone worry about them at all?

Could it be that the media are misleading us about the popularity of the BNP? Clearly, the number of people who visit their site support this possibility, which seems to attract more visitors than the main parties combined.

The image presented to us of the BNP (by the media and rival parties), is of a political group that resembles the Nazi party or KKK. However, if you were to study their website more closely and examine all the information available, you would most certainly obtain a very different picture.

I was pleasantly surprised to see comments posted on their site by people of different races and colour (supportive of the BNP’s aim). I could give examples of the policies that the BNP would introduce if in power, but it would be better if you visit their site and discover this for yourself.

Are the BNP radical in their views? If reducing (or even stopping) immigration to ease future population problems, racial tension and unemployment is something you consider “radical,” then I guess they are guilty. But can anyone honestly believe that Britain can sustain its current immigration levels and rapidly increasing birth rates?

Reports recently published show that the UK population has topped 61 million for the first time, and whilst immigration has apparently fallen (in respect of Eastern Europeans), there are no figures available for the levels of other immigrants (or any estimate on illegal immigrants).

Perhaps of more interest is the fact that more than half of the births recorded were to women born outside of the UK. According to some statistics, the UK is likely to achieve a population of 70 million within the next 25 years. But if current immigration levels are maintained, along with the birth rate percentages already seen, the figure of 70 million will be achieved much more quickly than that.

Regardless of what your political views are, or which country you originally came from, the population situation is a serious problem that must be confronted sooner, rather than later. This will affect every British citizen, no matter what their colour, race or religion and something must be done.

Whether you agree with all the views presented by the BNP, at the moment they are the only party offering any realistic solution to the problem, and the courage to put this plan into action if elected, something the Conservatives or Labour will not do.

The main political parties have had their chance to get things right, and have failed miserably. The only winners are the big companies who have these politicians in their pockets (who are later rewarded with positions in their companies), but the rest of us have to accept nearly 3 million unemployed and a growing population that we cannot afford.

For years the government has made us all feel guilty about showing our true feelings towards immigrants that are not prepared to accept our traditions, culture and laws. We have created “exceptions” to our laws to cater for certain religious groups, and introduced many new laws that have helped some immigrants to obtain an unfair advantage over others. Is this equality?

How many other countries would be prepared to make such exceptions for immigrants from Britain?

In order to protect the indigenous British people and those who are descendants of foreign-born parents (supportive of traditional British customs and laws); immediate action must be taken to avoid an “overload” of the system. As everyone knows, high unemployment always produces resentment towards immigrants that are seen to be taking their jobs. This is not always the case, but a common reaction.

If unemployment levels continue to remain high, as seems likely, it is inevitable that problems will develop. Surely, it makes sense to tackle this problem before that happens and maintain the harmony that we have enjoyed for so many years.

It might of course help if people (especially the government and media) stopped highlighting the “differences” between British citizens. Why refer to some British people as Black or Asian? If they have a British passport, they are British and all subject to the laws of the land equally (no exceptions!)

How you choose to vote at the next General Election is of course your business, but maybe it is time to forget about voting for a party just because “I always vote for them,” or in your anger choose the next most popular party (according to the media) because you do not want to “waste” your vote. By supporting the current two party system you are wasting your vote and doing exactly what the power brokers expect you to do (and have always done).

Before casting your vote, give some thought to all the soldiers that have died in Iraq and Afghanistan, because of the decision by George Bush and Tony Blair to have a war for oil. Think of all the people who died in the Lockerbie bombing and how the bomber was released to make an oil deal. Remember how all those MP’s cheated you with their expenses claims (not just Labour!) and the lies they told. Do you really want more of that?