Blacklava Clothing Promotes Positive Messages

Positive messages can be found in many places. Unfortunately, so can negative messages. I am in control of my day, so I never allow anyone to ruin my day. You can do the same, all it takes is the right attitude.

Ryan Suda, the founder of Blacklava Clothing is one individual who believes in uplifting our society with positive messages on his t-shirts. According to Suda, his clothing is for a new state of mind. Suda, a high energy young businessman, who is of Asian decent, also believes in promoting the Asian American culture.

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Pete Allman and Amy Hill photo by Rossana Huang

On Saturday, September 29, 2012, his red carpet event at The Hatakeyema Galleries featured celebrity guests who have supported him throughout his journey. Elizabeth Sung, noted for her work in Joy Luck Club and her work on “The Young and Restless” stated, “Ryan has helped raise the conciouness of the public, with messages that allow people to think about freedom of speech, and respecting other ethnic cultures.”

Other celebrities who attended the event include Amy Hill from “King of the Hill,” Aubrey Anderson from “Modern Times,” Karen Anne Chung and Lynn Chen from “People I Slept With.” There were also many Martial Arts personalities.

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Ryan Suda photo by Rossana Huang

Ryan Suda’s Blacklava website has a great range of t-shirts with positive as well as funny messages. It made my day. (Thanks to Clint Eastweood for that quote!)

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