Bad News About Bruce Edwin

I have some horrible news to tell you about this big jerk named Bruce Edwin. Do you ever read negative news like this about someone? Do you ever hear someone talk about how so and so is such a jerk, a ditz, or a loser? Do you ever get tired of hearing about people complain about life, people, things, and events? I know I do.

A wise man named Socrates once asked a person coming to deliver him some news something like this; Before you tell me this news about this person, tell me this;

Do you know this news yourself to be true? Do you know this person yourself? Is this news positive? When the person delivering the news told him no to every question, Socrates wisely told him in other words, to keep his mouth shut.

In that spirit, and in praise of some of the wonderful, great, amazing people I have the pleasure to know in my life (and this is only a small list of them), I give you here 5 people that have added to my life, and some of the things that they mean to me.

Victor Issa: One can go to an art gallery and see a masterful work of art and be inspired, or, one can know the artist and be in awe of a living master. Victor Issa is a living master who creates bronze sculptures that are life size, and truly legendary. In addition to his beautiful work, Victor Issa is one of the kindest persons you could ever meet.


Mel Novak: The man who fought Bruce Lee on film, Mel Novak, also an ordained minister who preaches to convicts on death row and tells them to sit down and shut up if they get too loud, is a person I can always call for advice with good moral judgement. Regardless of your beliefs, Mel can relate to any one, is fearless, and puts out love to the world, making it a better place.


Moira Cue: The most multi-talented, creative, and reliable person I know, Moira paints, sings, song writes, performs, writes poetry and novels, acts, and does graphic design among more. Whether she is helping a lost tourist, helping the homeless, or giving freely of her time with charity work, Moira is always thinking of others and goes beyond the call of duty in any situation.

Grant & Elena Cardone: If you want a picture of the perfect definition of success, Grant and Elena are it. Beautiful inside and out, these two amazing people-along with their two beautiful children- are the living embodiment of the American dream. But beyond that, they are two of the most charming, down to Earth, giving, intelligent, and sweetest people you could meet. When Elena isn’t firing shotguns in competition, or building cars, you can see her in Maxim magazine or on the silver screen.

And when Grant isn’t adding to his already 100 million dollar fortune, you can catch him on CNN or other world news as a money expert, and giving freely of his time and talent to teach others how to be a success in sales.

Make it work. You will feel better now if you do these things immediately:

2. Look at the list above again. If you want to contact ANY of them, pick up the phone and CALL ME and I will personally extend to them any message or offer you may have.


If you would like to speak with me – Bruce Edwin- directly, regarding this story or any thing else, call me at 310-226-7176.

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