An Introduction to Business in Georgia

If you are looking for a business-friendly location in which to start your new small business, then put Georgia down on your list. With tax codes that favor small businesses, a strong economy, and a low cost of living, Georgia can prove to be a great location for your small business to call home.

According to the 2018 Small Business Profile from the US Small Business Administration, of the over 1 million businesses in Georgia, 99.6 percent of them are classified as small businesses. Minorities own 32.4 percent of small businesses in Georgia, and in the third quarter of 2016, small businesses helped to generate 34,863 jobs. While Georgia’s small businesses touch every sector, they are especially prevalent in the industries of agriculture, forestry, fishing, and hunting, as well as in construction and in professional, scientific, and technical services. Atlanta, Georgia’s capital, has a strong representation of tech startups.

Georgia is known for its business-friendly tax code. In its annual Small Business Friendliness Survey, the online service company Thumbtack gave Georgia an A in “small business friendliness” and gave it an A-plus for Georgia’s tax code. Georgia also offers tax credits for a variety of industries, including angel investor tax credits. In paying less for your business taxes, you will have more money to invest back into your business, or into whatever is most important to you.

With a strong economy, a business-friendly environment, and a diversity of industries, Georgia can be a great home base for your new business.

An Introduction to Business in Georgia 1

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