What We Can Learn from the Initiative Q review

Since its introduction into several news outlets, many critics have been open about their opinions on whether or not Saar Wilf’s proposed payment system could be the next big thing in Fintech. To start, Initiative Q is a global economic experiment that aims to limit the various obstacles that come with today’s currency exchange.

Whether it is the varied exchange rate, transaction speed, stability, and adapting to faster technologies, the project aims to close these gaps by offering stable, secure, and easily accessible systems for all.

What the Initiative Q review reveals

Various articles are talking about the project, here are a few things we can learn from these Initiative Q review sites:

  1. It pays to research. Since the introduction of modern payment systems, many financial experts have emphasized the importance of practicing due diligence by researching on the company’s goals, project team, roadmap, and white paper. While such information is readily available on its official site, it is only logical for us to gather as much data as possible from other reputable source before we can make a sound decision.
  2. We are still in the initial phase. According to the site’s roadmap or timeline, we are still in the early stages of the project where its focus is to recruit as many users as possible in order for it to be easily adaptable in the future.
  3. It is not a crypto coin nor is it an ICO just yet. While Initiative Q aims to generate its own currency, it is far from crypto coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum since it doesn’t involve becoming a decentralized unit. While it more or less adapts the same features as these coins, it’s more likely that Initiative Q will hire qualified network agents to conform the project to local regulations. Additionally, Initiative Q isn’t also an ICO or Initial Coin Offering since the company isn’t asking for investors to make a purchase. Simply put, they just want you to join.
  4. You should wait. So far there are no risks involved in asking for an invitation if you ever wish to use Q currencies in the future. However, since we are currently in the initial phase, the best course of action would be to allow the project to form organically and continuously keep tabs on its further updates before making any decisions. Since very few information is still available on the project, the higher chances of the project failing becomes very likely.

Further insight and research on the subject

It’s safe to say that the news regarding Initiative Q has inspired a lot of debate over whether or not we are ready to turn to better payment systems. Thankfully, there are various sites that offer their own Initiative Q review articles to help readers from all over the world make better financial decisions. While there is certainly no money lost if you ever reserve a slot now, it still pays to wait on how this project can become easily accessible in the future.

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