U.S. Money Reserve Offers Quality Work Environment

U.S. Money Reserve is America’s most prolific distributor of coins issued by the United States government. The company provides customers with both the highest quality gold coins on the market and exceptional customer service. Recently, a representative of U.S. Money Reserve sat down to answer a few questions regarding the company.

How would you describe the office culture at U.S. Money Reserve?

It is truly a family here. This is probably said too often, but with USMR, the family atmosphere is immediately noticeable. This attitude starts at the top, and new workers are often surprised at the level of support they feel beginning with their first day on the job. Our CEO takes the time to get to know each employee and shows a genuine interest in their lives. The company’s goal is to provide every individual within its ranks with the tools and support necessary to further their personal development.

How would you characterize the work pace at the company?

A lot of that depends on current projects. Job demands can change rather quickly due to the influence that global markets and world news can have on the company’s activities. The pace at the company is perfect for individuals wishing to be challenged, as each day with the company can present a vastly different set of responsibilities to employees.

What are the perks of working for U.S. Money Reserve?

We provide medical, dental, and vision insurance for our employees. We also cover 75 percent of the premiums for them. The life insurance policy we provide is free of charge and provides employees with $50,000 worth of coverage. A 401(k) plan is offered through JP Morgan, and there are also services to provide employees with advice for retirement and financial planning.

The company maintains an onsite fitness center for employees to use. We also provide fresh fruit and other snacks each morning. We offer paid time off for employees to take part in a number of company and community events. There are also many chances for employees to enjoy each other’s company through social events held outside of the office.

What advice would you give prospective employees of U.S. Money Reserve?

Be on time. Actually, interviewees should be early. This makes a good first impression. Arrive prepared for the interview and maintain a positive attitude. Resumes and all other needed materials should be in hand. The dress code at USMR is business casual, but interviewees should dress in the most professional manner possible.

How long is the hiring process from start to finish?

The exact answer to this question will be specific to the department in which the applicant is interested. The process for entry-level positions can move along fairly quickly. An applicant may apply one day and be working for the company on the next. Applicants for upper management can expect to wait a few weeks for a response. Applicants for each department will first be contacted for a phone interview. Next, we will conduct a face-to-face interview on company premises.

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