Tradenet’s Live Trading Room & Other Great Features

Tradenet’s Live Trading Room has turned into one of the best day trading academies in the world. Let’s try to focus on some of its key features available for both beginners and advanced traders.

The trading school was established some fifteen years ago or so, by Meir Barak – a trading expert who accumulated a vast experience throughout the years. Author of the bestselling book “The Market Whisperer,” Barak serves as a leading Wall Street guru and is regularly invited by media to share his expert opinion.

The rationale behind starting a day trading academy was to help individuals across the world gain financial independence and increase the quality of life.

What Does Tradenet Live Trading Room Offer?

Tradenet Academy provides the full palette of training services designed to help traders understand the theoretical principles behind the price movements and learn practical skills to ensure consistent profits. The online school incorporates a trading chat room, which we’ll discuss below, the demo training option, courses, trading courses, personal coaching, and more.

Most of the features can be accessed through four unique packages tailored to satisfy both beginners and experienced traders. Thus, one can choose from the Intro Program, Student Program, Expert Program, and Pro Program. The former two are aimed at novice traders while the Export and Pro packages were designed for advanced traders.

The Intro program provides great value for the price, especially for those who have some basic knowledge about stock trading but the deposit doesn’t let them learn from mistakes. The package is really attractive since it allows students to apply for a funded account. While novice traders might not benefit from stock price fluctuations because of small deposit potential, a funded account enables them to enter the market with huge deposits sponsored by private investors. The main advantage is that the losses are absorbed by the sponsors while traders can get up to 70% of the profits.

Tradenets Live Trading Room
Tradenet’s Live Trading Room

Tradenets Live Trading Room

It’s worth mentioning that all the packages integrate the live trading chat room feature, an essential component of any professional day trading school. However, when it comes to Tradenet, the trading room is superlative in every way because it has Scott Malatesta as the host and Meir Barak as a trader.

By joining the trading room, students trade side by side with professional analysts and successful day traders, receiving instant feedback in real time. The aspect of live education and immediate trading support is very important for the trader’s formation. Meir Barak is the first violin while Scott Malatesta, Tradenet’s VP, and other experts are hosting the room and providing quality analysis.

The live trading room includes the mirror trading option, which allows students to mirror the trades of professionals. This copy-trading approach combined with the mastering of lucrative strategies ensures the rapid progress of students.

Tradenet’s Live Trading Room is a very transparent service, so its traders would display all of the trades, including those that caused losses.

If you want to join the live trading room separately from the offered packages, you should pay $399 for the monthly subscription or $2990 for the one-year membership. However, the good news is that the academy offers a 14-day free trial. The Tradenet live trading room trial allows you to have Mr. Barak as a personal mentor and understand Tradenet’s principles from the inside. The trading chat room goes live from Monday to Friday.

Are There Other Free Things?

Yes, Tradenet pampers its students and potential clients with many free options and perks. Some of these refer to the YouTube live trading videos that provide tips and strategies, a free trading book, a free trading course, and a trading challenge.

The Tradenet trading challenge deserves some separate lines because it allows anyone to get access to trade a $14,000 funded account. All you have to do is to pass the challenge of trading a demo account with $10,000 virtual funds for five days under strict conditions. Actually, it’s not that easy, which is why only skilled traders become winners.

All in all, the Tradenet Live Trading Room is the ideal choice for those who want to take the first steps in stock day trading and those who seek to improve their skills.

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