Politics: Is Donald Trump the ‘Least Racist’ President Ever?

In another dose of daily irony, the US economic data now show that Donald Trump might, in fact, be the least racist president ever.

This chart, folks, was broadcast yesterday by the ultra Left-leaning news media channel MSNBC. It is typically difficult for MSNBC to give Donald Trump credit for anything, so it would appear that all sides of the argument see some validity in the economic policies that are being enacted by the current administration.

Of course, assertions like ‘least racist’ are difficult to prove. It is impossible to know what exactly is in the mind of another person. As far as the world economy is concerned, Donald Trump has even been accused of ‘spooking’ the Bank of Japan so this is hardly an issue that is isolated to the United States.

But when we consider the actual statistics, it is starting to look as though there might even be some truth to these recent assertions. The unemployment rate within the African-American community in the US is now seen at 7.8%. That is lower than at any time during the Obama administration – and, yes, lower than at any other point in recorded history.

US Unemployment Rate
US Unemployment Rate

Some Background

Earlier this month, President Trump generated more fodder for the late-night talk shows when he told news reporters that he is ‘probably the least racist person’ they had ever interviewed.

Since Trump (and the Right, in general) is almost automatically thrown into the racist/sexist/homophobic category by those suffering from 2016 post-election stress disorder, it is not entirely surprising that the comments were quickly met with ridicule.

Case in point, here is the reaction clip from the often-funny (but almost completely mislead) Jimmy Kimmel Show:

All kidding aside, society must remember that actions speak louder than words. Stock markets rallied and gold investors declined immediately after the 2016 election was finalized, and there has been almost nothing in the way of negative economic news to characterize the presidency thus far.

That is the main point here. A person saying that they care about the plight of minorities is less than a person that is actually doing something about it.

Is Trump the ‘least racist’ President ever?

I don’t know, and I don’t care. I’m too busy watching the actual numbers.