Permissioned Blockchain DasCoin Launches Public Exchange

DasCoin enthusiasts and potential investors alike gathered at the O2 Arena in central London to welcome a new trading platform on April 27th, 2018. Up until then the only way to purchase DasCoin had been only by purchasing a NetLeaders License using Bitcoin or euros. Now interested investors can trade the coin on one or more of public cryptocurrency exchanges.

The CEO of the firm, Michael Mathias, expressed the firm’s gratitude to its users for showing interest in the service, saying the public exchange platform was a culmination of meticulous work over the previous two years.

The launch came after the company launched its consortium blockchain on March 31st, 2017. The company launched its 24-hour blockchain based trading platform on September 30th, 2017 as well.

And to further its transparency and “Currency of Trust” strategy, the firm had also released its code onto Github on the first week of April 2018.

By doing that, the digital assets system firm hopes to ensure that all people can access, share and query information on its blockchain.

What Truly Mattered at the Public Exchange

  1. New DasCoin Public Exchanges

The digital coin started trading on three digital assets public exchanges immediately. The three are CoinFalcon, European Blockchain Exchange (EUBX), and BTC-Alpha.

Important to note is that all three offer unique public trading solutions. But all three have some similarities. For example, the partnership with the three went through partly because they all support Know Your Customer (KYC) authentication requirement.

The verification process is similar to what DasCoin requires for new members to join its permissioned blockchain community.

With the KYC protocol observed, users can seamlessly use funds in their WebWallet accounts to trade DasCoin on all three fronts.

However, to use DasCoin in a WebWallet for public exchange purposes, users will need to update their Validator (hardware authentication key). Simply log in to WebWallet and update the Validator’s details in the Ledger Manager application.

  1. New Partnership Announcements

The event led to announcements of over 10 new partnerships.

Among the most crucial was the collaboration enabling utilization of both the underlying decentralized ledger technology and the trading engine. NetLeaders, the parent company to DasCoin, sought the partnership of BitShares distributed ledger technology, Graphene, for that.

Three of the top ten blockchains used BitShares’ Graphene technology. Annemieke Dierkes of the BitShares Blockchain Foundation was present at the event dubbed DasCoin: The Evolution of Money. She emphasized how the blockchain based trading technology supports high-speed transactions with up to 100,000 successful ones every second.

Graphene’s speed is also in line with the DasEcosystem blockchain, which also supports up to 100,000 transactions per second.

  1. Das33

Another interesting announcement came in the form of Das33.

The company CEO explains it in the 10-minute video here:

That is the new platform where the cryptocurrency firm and its new and older partners will collaborate through. Speaking at the launch, DasFinancial Executive Chairman, Terry O’Hearn explained users will get a new website detailing how Das33 works around the time it launches on June 30.

Exciting new benefits users can look forward to is how to use Cycles as voting tokens as well as for purchasing system services, devices and more.

  1. New White Paper

A new Technical White Paper came out to back the earlier edition released in 2016.

The new white paper details how the new public exchange platform works.

There are loads of new information and that even seasoned traders and enthusiasts will want to familiarize themselves. For example, the cryptocurrency firm will continue to support centralization and decentralization (its hybrid model) across different layers of the public exchange technology.

Important details include how traders can use Cycles instead of DasCoin to pay for transaction fees. Also, traders can learn how the Graphene trading engine works and what they can do to optimize their experiences as soon as possible.

Also contained in the 108-page technical paper are details on how to convert euros to WebEuros for use on the public exchange as well as how to convert WebEuros back to fiat money euros.


One of the biggest gains in listing at a public exchange is the credibility the cryptocurrency gains. With the launch and public embrace by three legit public cryptocurrency exchanges, DasCoin might be on the path to mainstream adoption as has been its goal.

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