Online Shopping Strategies That Can Help You Save Money

It is easy to see the convenience that online shopping brings to everyday life, with a world of choice available in seconds with a few clicks of a mouse. However, as appealing as the swiftness and ease of Internet shopping can be, the simplicity of the process can make it all too easy to part ways with your money. Thankfully, there are ways to cut corners, with many online shopping sites in Canada that offer great deals and bargain prices. It’s always worth arming yourself with a few tips and tricks to avoid going overboard, ensuring that you don’t find yourself with an excess of unwanted items and a hole in your wallet!

  1. Use coupons.

The majority of online shops have coupons and seasonal offers available, and using them can make a big difference. Even a coupon that gives you free shipping (sometimes in exchange for your email address) can save you a significant amount of money, so make sure that you check for coupons before proceeding to the checkout page.

  1. “Like” or “Follow” your favorite stores on social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram.

They may host exclusive promotions for their followers or announce special sales.

  1. Join their email lists.

Coupons and special offers are often announced to those who subscribe to their newsletter or email list, and some stores even give you an automatic discount just by signing up to the mailing list.

  1. Use comparison sites.

While shopping online already tends to mean lower prices compared to brick and mortar stores, there’s still variation between various outlets. As some online stores have cheaper prices than others, a reputable comparison website can be a clever way to seek out the best possible price.

  1. Check the item/s in stores before buying.

With certain types of items, such as furniture, shoes, clothes and home décor, it can be worth checking in-store before jumping to an online purchase. For example, if a big discount is being offered for an item of patio furniture online, it doesn’t hurt to check the same piece of furniture in a store first. As furniture can cost a lot of money, it’s worth making sure that the one you’re getting is actually worth the price. When it comes to buying these slightly more expensive items online, you should be meticulous about checking the material and quality of the item before purchasing. If you can find the same item a physical shop, it may be worth taking a trip there to inspect the item up close, before buying it online to benefit from a better price.

  1. Stack coupons.

There are retailers that allow you to stack several coupon codes, as long as you enter the codes in the correct order.

  1. Check the return policy of the store.

One of the drawbacks involved in online shopping is that you most probably won’t be able to scrutinize the item until it’s arrived on your doorstep (i.e., after you’ve already paid for it). It is therefore worth making sure that the store has a fair return policy, which will allow you to return any items that you’re not happy with.

  1. Don’t pay shipping fees.

Provided that you meet certain criteria, many stores offer free shipping to their customers; sometimes you’ll have to meet a certain purchase amount, and other times you may require a coupon. Whatever the case may be, this can allow you to save an enormous amount, with shipping costs coming at anywhere from $5 to $50 – especially if you’re buying large items. It is therefore worth trying to avoid shipping fees as much as possible.

The Overall Plan

Alongside these tricks, it’s also worth just checking in with yourself, clarifying exactly what you’re looking for, and sticking to it. You may want to start by creating a list of what you want to buy, to stop yourself from deviating from the plan. This is a great tried and tested way to curb enthusiasm for shopping – I used to be addicted to online shopping myself, and would spend over $150 on cosmetics in one sitting! By making a list and sticking to it, I managed to keep my purchases sensible and my spending in check. With a few simple strategies, we can easily avoid getting carried away – simply leaving us with the many benefits of online shopping to enjoy.