More People Are Selling Diamonds Online – Here’s Why

Traditional means of re-selling a pre-owned diamond ring or other piece of diamond jewelry can be tedious to use and result in less than a fair selling price. Local jewelers won’t usually buy a person’s diamond for anywhere near retail price nor give them a very big discount on trade ins. And pawn shops take most of the profit for themselves, while adding unnecessary complexity to the selling process.

But what if they sell that engagement ring online? What advantages do they stand to gain?

Whether an engagement or marriage didn’t work out, the person inherited a ring they don’t need, they want to upgrade to a better diamond and sell the old one, or just need extra cash on hand, the Internet is fast becoming one of the best ways to sell a diamond!

Below, we’ll look at the top 5 reasons why it makes more sense to market diamond jewelry online.

Why Sell Diamonds Online?

In recent years, thousands upon thousands of Americans have been opting to self-market their diamonds for sale online rather than to sell through a third party. Here are the benefits they have been enjoying for making that choice:

1. Better Selling Price

Perhaps, the most obvious advantage is a better selling price. When a person sells their diamond to a jewelry shop or other third party, they almost never get a truly fair market value. That’s why they should sell direct and it will be up to them to set the price.

Plus, the seller can bargain with buyers. They don’t have to just “take it or leave it” as soon as they get an offer, and they don’t have to stick like glue to their exact listed price either. That gives them flexibility to gather and compare quotes and finally sell to the highest bidder.

2. Faster Sales

With many online diamond sales sites, sellers can complete the evaluation form and request a quote in only a few minutes’ time. They don’t have to accept the first quote they get – or any quote.

But the fact is, many people are managing to sell their diamond rings within a matter of a few days online. Then, use a reputable company that offers seller standard, valuable shipping insurance on their diamond which shows up and collects the jewelry, while the cash arrives direct to the bank account.

3. Greater Convenience

Sellers don’t have to waste time and gas money driving around to different jewelers, nor do they have to meet their buyers in person to discuss everything from the weather to why they are getting rid of the diamond, to how much experience they have with diamonds.

Selling online is more convenient, taking less time out of their busy schedule. Plus, it’s low pressure and doesn’t demand the seller be perceived as an industry expert.

4. Industry-standard Appraisals

Diamonds are complex stones, and there are numerous factors that go into grading them and appraising them. Contract with a third party laboratory to get the diamond inspected, professionally graded, and appraised for retail and replacement value.

It lets buyers know exactly what they’re getting, which makes them more ready to buy at a fair price. Once they understand the grade of stone the seller offering and see they have industry certification, they’ll feel more comfortable making a quote.

5. Research Online Diamond Sellers

There are professional companies that can help sell diamonds online both faster and for a higher price. Read the online reviews by past clients and make sure terms are understood and rules of each company’s process. Sellers are almost always better off using a diamond selling service than just posting an ad on Craigslist of Facebook – it’s safer for both seller and buyer alike.

There are many benefits to selling a diamond online – such as that they will likely get two or three times more for it than if they sold it to a jeweler. To take advantage of these benefits, learn a few simple steps or trust a reputable online diamond-selling company.

Melissa Thompson
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