Jacob Gottlieb of Altium Capital: Growth fund returns 7.37 percent

Jacob Gottlieb is a resident of New York. He was born and bred in this city where even today most of his businesses are located. He holds a BA in economics from Brown University and MD from New York University Medical School. After completing his university education, Jacob was interested in practicing medicine while at the same time looking for opportunities to practice his skills in economics. He found peace in what he wanted to do in the Wall Street where he would serve as an investment manager. After spending a few years in the Wall Street, he co-founded Visium Asset Management where he served as the chief investment officer.

After Visium Asset Management wound down, he created Altium Capital, a new venture he is ready to bring up. Since mid-2018, he has been putting together great minds to help him in managing the firm in the best way possible. The main goal of Altium is to make monetary gains as it helps in the discovery of life-changing medical innovations. Altium Capital is up and running a few months after it was established. It is focused on the growth of companies in the healthcare industry. With the healthcare industry being a growth sector, Altium Capital will be focusing more on growth companies with impressive healthcare models that can be interesting to the investment world.

Gottlieb has surrounded himself with some of the best investment managers in the healthcare sector this time. He is sharing a floor with one of his former workmates and investment titan Stuart Weisbrod. They have worked closely for over d20 years now since they were in BioMed Group together. The new partnership is hoping to bring new achievements in the industry. They are two great minds, and their effect will be felt across the entire industry. The timing for the new partnership has come at the most opportune moment when Gottlieb is making a comeback after winding down Visium.

Gottlieb says that the journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur is always interesting. There are numerous challenges in this business, and one needs to be exposed to new ideas all the time. It needs one to think from the future backward. Investment is all about making projections on the status of an industry in the future. Anyone with dreams of becoming a successful business person must be willing to work based on the future and not the present or the past. Jacob advises investors to be prepared for challenges when they first delve into the business world. Great investments do not come around easily, and therefore persistence is needed.

Altium Capital is focusing on announcing their entry into the industry in a big way. The plan is to identify small companies with huge potential for growth and invest in them. The firm also plans to increase the experts working for the firm to boost growth. In the future, Altium Capital will be opening doors to outside investors, and it will no longer be only about the company’s investments. The firm is designed as a hedge fund, and in the fullness of time, its main features will come out clearly.

In the past five months, Altium Capital under Jacob Gottlieb has been doing very well. According to a recently released report, Altium’s growth fund has recorded 7.37 returns. Such a great return rate is one of the reasons why the company is tipped to be a top performer in the near future. The professionals working for the company are from the health, and financial sectors and their contributions have led to successful management of this firm. Jacob Gottlieb is hoping to capitalize on his experiences and those of his team to build a formidable investment company.

Melissa Thompson
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