Is It Safe To Apply For A Replacement Social Security Card Online?

If you aren’t familiar with the process of applying for a replacement card online, you might be thinking you would rather just wait in line at the SSA office. Is it safe to apply for a social security card online? You bet it is because you are applying directly with the SSA office. I have personally applied for a replacement card online, so I can vouch for the fact that it is a completely legit process and is very convenient.

On top of that, the process is simple and easy. You need your social security card for sure, so it’s time to get a replacement. Would you rather take your two forms of identification up to the SSA office, fill out the paperwork and wait in line? Don’t forget the drive over to the office, too. Instead of doing all that, you could just pull up the SSA website on your mobile device, register for an account and proceed with your application.

It’s a no-cost process, and registering for an account is going to give you access to your benefits statements digitally. While you don’t need to show your card too much these days, it’s still important to have one. And the best way to apply for that replacement card is to order one online.

As you pull up the SSA website, you do need to first check the list of states to make sure that you are eligible to apply online. There are select states that aren’t on the list. If your state is on the list, you are ready to apply as long as you aren’t changing your name or trying to change your social security number. If either one of those two circumstances apply to your situation, then you’re going to need to pay a visit to the SSA office.

If you have simply lost your SS card, you’re good to go in terms of applying for a replacement card online. As mentioned, you’re going to need an account with the SSA in order to apply, so that’s the first step. You’re going to need a valid email address, and setting up an account is quick and painless. Since you are doing so on the SSA website, it is also safe, as safe as it gets.

When you register with the SSA online, you are signing up for what’s called a ‘My Social Security Account.’ You are going to need your driver’s license or state ID to sign up for an account. While you don’t have to upload a digital image or anything, you are required to provide your DL or ID number and expiration date.

As of the date of this post, there are 18 states on the eligibility list, and two more with the stipulation that you must have a driver’s license and not a state ID. Those two states are Delaware and Wisconsin according to the SSA website. It should also be mentioned that the SSA says that it regularly adds more states to the list, so keep that in mind if you are not yet eligible.

If you aren’t eligible to apply online, you can mail in your application, avoiding the visit to the office. Yet many people don’t have easy access to printers, and the more convenient process at that point might be a a trip to the SSA office. You would think that people from all states will be able to apply for a replacement card online soon. It’s just a matter of time.

While the process of applying for a SS card is easier online, you’re not digitally accessing your card. In other words, you don’t get a printout. You’re going to have to wait for your application to be processed, but there is a chance it will be processed more quickly. You will also have to wait the standard 10-14 business days for your card to show up in the mail.

There is of course no cost to fill out the online application, and once you are finished, you’re going to be sent a confirmation email by the SSA. Look for another confirmation email in a day or two, one that signifies that your application has been processed. At that point, you will know your card is on the way.

Moving forward, you are going to have a My Social Security Card Account that you can use to check benefits statements and take care of other matters. It’s good that you will no longer be receiving benefits statements in the mail annually. Digital statements might be a small security measure in place, but it still helps.

These days, identity theft is running rampant, and snail mail makes it easy for people. Granted, there is still a big need for mail in this country, and I hope it stays that way. Make no mistake about it, however, that an online account with the SSA isn’t just safe but puts certain security measures in place.

It’s understandable that people are leery of handling social security matters online. It stems from the fact that social security numbers are very important, and people don’t like giving out personal information online unless it is necessary. In this case, however, you are dealing directly with the Social Security Administration or SSA.

That means everything, as the SSA is a government agency with a well-protected website. You get to apply for your replacement social security card safely and easily. The process will take you a matter of minutes, meaning you will be likely be done before you would have even pulled into the parking lot at your local SSA office.

The application process online for a replacement social security card is quick, easy and safe. With that being the bottom line, you might as well save yourself the time. Visit the SSA website, sign up for an account, and click on the replacement SS card application link. After a few minutes, you will be submitting that application and receiving your confirmation email. Remember, it takes 10-14 days for your card to arrive in the mail.

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