Investment Types That Can Help an Individual Retire Years Before They Planned

The countdown to retirement time is in nearly everyone’s head in the professional world. There are some that have this planned to the year while others that are a bit closer have their retirement planned to the day. Investing money instead of letting it sit in a checking account can allow a person to maximize their income. Savings accounts give a minuscule amount of interest while dividend stocks could turn a 5 to 10 percent profit for an investor. Dividend stocks are those that have gone up every year for a decade like that of Wal-Mart and other corporate juggernauts. The following are investment types that can allow a person to retire far earlier than they could have imagined.

Forex Investing

Foreign exchange investing can be immensely profitable when the investor has figured out their personal formula for success. Forex traders need to invest with the data they have rather than gut feelings as patterns in data can show a trader what to put their money towards. Finding a trading platform like Eaglefx makes it easy to trade from anywhere. There are 53 currencies to invest in so there are quite a few opportunities to make money. Take time to start trading small amounts before making any large investments to get into the flow of things.

Investment Properties

Investing in properties to rent out can allow a person to retire far earlier than they expect. Buying a few properties can generate a stable amount of income when combined with social security can allow the investor to live comfortably. Picking the property is the tricky part as the last thing anyone wants is to lose money due to property demand and values plummeting in the area of the rental. Be careful when investing outside of the country as there could be double taxed by the US as well the country of origin. Far more research has to be done when investing in properties abroad as laws or processes could differ immensely from the US.

The Stock Market

The stock market can be extremely profitable for those that have diversified their stock portfolios. This will reduce overall risk as having all investments in high risk/high reward companies can actually delay retirement. An entire industry could start to decline due to new technology so keep all of these things in mind when investing. For those people that work in tech or finance, the understanding of the industry can make it far easier to invest when compared to an industry a person has no expertise in.

Putting as Much in Your 401K As Possible

Putting money away early in a career into a 401K is imperative if wanting to retire earlier than most peers. Employee match programs need to be taken advantage of as this could double a retirement account over the years. Even as little as $50 a paycheck will add up over the course of an entire multidecade career. For those that believe they can do a better job investing their money just think of this as a failsafe as this money is bound to grow over the years.

Retirement is a paradise of not answering emails, creating reports, or taking calls during dinner. Investing money wisely will have the largest impact on retirement along with wise spending. Take the time to create a financial strategy moving forward to pinpoint a potential retirement date!

Melissa Thompson writes about a wide range of topics, revealing interesting things we didn’t know before. She is a freelance USA Today producer, and a Technorati contributor.