Extra Money At The End of The Month: Making Money Work Harder

The economy is booming which is leading some Americans to be saving more money at the end of the month than ever before. A majority of people do not know what to do with excess income with a majority of them putting a bulk of their cash into a checking account of some kind. Checking and savings accounts pay out a miniscule amount of interest so it does not offer the chance to grow like other investment opportunities. There are multiple options below as well as details of what to keep in mind when investing.


The cryptocurrency boom shook up the investing world with people making millions off of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The problem with these currencies is that they can be incredibly volatile. This is not where to put a bulk of their savings as this can put a person in financial ruins if a certain currency collapses. Do the appropriate research to see which currency that will garner the largest return. Make sure the computer is secure as hackers have been mining these currencies from computers without the owners knowing.

Real Estate

The world of real estate can be quite profitable for the right investment. Income properties can be truly passive income if a property management company is hired that takes care of all things having to do with renters. These companies will do background checks as well as a rental history check to make sure the tenant is of the highest quality. Investing in a property in an area that is appreciating in value is important as cash is earned from rent and equity from the property increasing in value. Commercial real estate is another option but this can come with a much larger investment than renting out a one bedroom townhouse or condo.


Bonds are a great low risk way to make money earn a decent percentage. Doing research to see which bond consistently brings back a return of a decent percentage is important. Mutual funds are also considered less of a risk for those who might be a bit older. For those younger investors it can be important to try out some higher risk options like stocks. As a person gets older it is important to move investments from higher risks to lower risks as a person might be on a fixed income once retired.

Stock Market

The stock market has been booming for the last couple of years. Knowing an industry can help immensely and things like Forex signals being monitored can help an investor make appropriate decisions. For those people who invested in companies like Facebook who are seeing great returns. Do not sell as soon as a stock goes down as selling immediately does not let the stock go through its natural progression of gains and losses.

Investing is not complicated but picking the right avenue to invest in can become a little less clear. Consider the above options to invest excess income as making money on money already earned can help maximize income for the year.

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