Differences Between the Marvel Characters and Normal Humans

Superheroes have long been a source of inspiration, and most people look up to them; regardless of the universe they belong to. While the DC cinematic universe depicts protagonists and superheroes in a relatively darker way, it’s a Marvel Cinematic Universe that offers a delightful approach when it comes to introducing the characters.

Differences Between the Marvel Characters and Normal Humans 1
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Finding the Marvel Characters Relatable

Unlike most DC characters shown in movies and TV shows, Marvel characters have a humane side to them. A majority of DC protagonists are overpowered and have larger than life capabilities, rendered for a better cinematic experience. However, Marvel offers a more relatable sphere as the likes of Iron Man, Falcon and some other superheroes are mostly humans with no extraordinary capabilities. This is what makes them more relatable to normal humans as compared to the DC characters.

However, there are host of dissimilarities as well. It must be understood that Marvel characters are mostly figments of creative imagination and it would be wrong to compare them with normal humans. That said, the article will showcase common differences between normal human beings, strictly on entertaining and informative grounds:

  • Super Serum for Growth

Did anybody notice how a puny Steve Rogers transformed into a delightfully strong individual as a part of an extensive lab experiment? While the super serum made him immune to diseases and stronger than ten humans combined, similar options hardly exist in real life situations. Normal humans cannot miraculously turn into super soldiers, and this is where Marvel characters feel a lot different as compared to a common individual.

  • Unparalleled Technological Prowess

Tony Stark, one of the Avengers and the massively regarded Iron Man, is a mortal who has access to exceptional levels of technological prowess. Be it designing suits at will or addressing other global security issues with the power of science, this Marvel character is second to none when it comes to a brilliant mind and unmatched intellect. Normal humans, despite having the academic acumen and technological expertise fail to replicate the gadgets used by the Ironman courtesy inefficient scientific resources.

  • Healing Capabilities

It’s well known how Deadpool can quickly heal from almost anything. Although he was a part of a menacing lab experiment, it served him and the Marvel cinematic universe, rather perfectly. Normal humans, however, need extensive visits to the doctor in case of a small ailment.

  • Mutants and their Gifts

In the X-men universe, the majority of mutants co-exist with normal humans. The gifted ones have abilities that set them apart from the rest but normal humans, hardly have special powers that can be of any use. However, the physical appearances of these Marvel characters are quite similar to commoners, which in turn gives an impression that possessing the powers can be remotely possible, even when it’s not.

  • The existence of a Mirror Dimension and Astral Projections

The concept of astral projection was first shown in a movie called Doctor Strange which allows protagonists to leave their bodies while their souls roam freely across the globe. While this concept was depicted and explained in the movie, it’s not possible for a common human to achieve this feat. Moreover, Marvel also postulated the mirror dimension which is more like a parallel real-life scenario that makes the actual universe immune to threats and abominations. If a universe like this would have existed, saving the world from wars and other threats would have been possible.

  • The Tendency to Work for A Lifetime

Most of these Marvel characters tend to come back to life, whenever events suit them. For example, Superman came back to life; wolverine will probably come back to life (spoiler alert), Steven Rogers a.k.a. Captain America came back to life after being buried in ice for more than 50 years.

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