Benefits Associated With Betterment Investing

Betterment Investing stands out as a very interesting opportunity for those that have an investment budget and that want to make a profit in the long run. There are many interesting options and if you check out this review you will see why the popularity of Betterment Investing is constantly rising.

The main benefits associated with investing through this opportunity are the following:

Very Fast Setup

You can easily set up the account in just around 5 minutes. You do not have to pick funds or make a complicated decision when you sign up. Betterment has a special all-inclusive portfolio that is suitable for absolutely all investment types, even those that have $10 million available for investment purposes.

The Offered Portfolio

This is a huge advantage that really needs to be understood properly. The company now uses a highly optimized portfolio that is diversified, including bond ETFs and low-cost stocks. This perfectly balances reward and risk. There is also a pretty slight present small-cap and the value tilt is good. You want to see this as a big advantage because on a long term basis, the market can be beat and success can be achieved.

Lower Costs And Lack Of Hassle

You do not have to meet a minimum in order to open your account. When you want to close it there are no extra hidden fees, as with other similar opportunities. Betterment has the huge advantage of having really low management costs. The amounts charged are up to 0.54% and this includes fund expenses. You have access to automated portfolio management that will save you a lot of time. You can actually save amounts of up to $2,500.

Dividend Re-Investments

As dividends arrive, they are not going to be blindly re-invested or a wait time will appear in order to be able to buy full shares. There is a special re-investment algorithm in place that will handle everything in an appropriate way. At the same time, we should also highlight the fact that taxes are handled in a seamless way thanks to the use of TurboTax, an advantage that cannot be taken lightly.

Constant Investments

There are so many extras that are included in the Betterment account, opportunities that are used in order to improve the investment potential. For instance, you can set up an automatic transfer from the checking account while respecting a specific schedule. Behavioral research is utilized to increase savings and the trading system in place guarantees the fact that money is never sitting aside. All the dollars in the account are used for investment purposes.


Betterment investing can bring in so many interesting opportunities you do not have access to with someone else. Just focus on the current options and see if this is the one that is great for you. It is easy to open an account and get used to the platform. Read the documentation and do be sure that you understand everything that is offered.

Anne Lawson is a British writer who keeps her eye on business and trending issues that affect us all. She loves to delve into the real story and give us interesting tidbits we might otherwise miss.