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Dr Gerry Wolff is the coordinator of Desertec-UK and the Kyoto2 Support Group. He writes about alternative energy.

Bringing Down The Cost of Energy

The UK may begin to import solar electricity from North Africa quite soon using existing transmission lines. As quantities of electricity increase, transmission lines may be upgraded.

Concentrating Solar Power in Brief

The TRANS-CSP report calculates that CSP is likely to become one of the cheapest sources of electricity in Europe, including the cost of transmission.

Solar Plan Debated in Parliament

A plan to supply the whole of Europe with clean solar power from desert regions in North Africa and the Middle East has now been debated in the House of Commons.

Solar, Not Nuclear

There is no need for nuclear power because there is a simple mature technology that can deliver huge amounts of clean energy without any of the headaches of nuclear power.

Clean Power from Deserts for Europe, the Middle East and North...

Prince Hassan bin Talal of Jordan presents White Paper to EU Parliament

‘Desert Bounty’ Where can one find an oasis?

Where there is no life, no food or drink, no shops, no entertainment, or a general absence of anything of value, we may say 'It's a desert!'