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Wheldon Curzon-Hobson is an e-Learning consultant who loves to review literature written by New Zealanders.

Laugh Your Way To A Better Marriage By Mark Gungor

A funny, personal and very helpful book that helps you to understand how to incorporate both conflict and happiness into a successful, satisfying marriage.

Grace For The Afflicted. A Clinical And Biblical Perspective On Mental...

A brilliantly written Christian analysis of mental health issues which provides essential insights into the use of contemporary psychiatric and psychological treatments.

Church As A Safe Place

An indepth, thought-provoking description of how abuse occurs in a church environment, followed by easy to implement suggestions on how to resolve and minimise this abuse.

Tohunga Whakairo: Paki Harrison. The Story of a Master Carver.

An invaluable insight into the ancestry, life, art and politics of one of New Zealand's greatest master carvers.

Roam Book Review

A fabulous book for those into the Lonely Planet, nothing is too great a challenge, living life to its fullest style of travel writing.

Ngaio Marsh: Her Life in Crime

A biography that sensitively and respectfully reveals the varied and brilliant life of one of the Twentieth Century's most successful and reclusive crime writers.

Laugh? I Could Have Cried Author is Alive And Kicking

The chief Tarawa and his brother Tuwharanui set sail from Hawaiiki for New Zealand with their two pet fish known as O-Potiki-mai Tawhiti, meaning 'pets from afar.'