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David W. Wang is a senior international business affairs consultant, researcher and columnist based in Washington DC.He is the author of the world best selling book Decoding the Dragon’s Mindset – Inside China ‘s Destiny and its Hint to the World (Seaburn Publishing Group, 2009, New York ).

What Xi Jinping May Do Differently in China’s Foreign Policies?

Mr. Xi takes the office at a critical juncture of China's development. Internally he must cope with tough issues in economic model shifting, anti-corruption

Romney Fails Because He Is Not Trendy

While the last fours years have proved that President Barack Obama has one foot into the door of new era and the other foot still trapped back, in the election campaign for the past year and half Governor Mitt Romney turns out mostly to be an old timer.

Why the Rise of Jeremy Lin not a Surprise After all?

Jeremy Lin, the new Chinese-American basketball star in the NBA games recently has been taking on most of the spotlight in the US as well as across the world.