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Shimul Chaudhury
Shimul Chaudhury is a journalist from Bangladesh who specializes in news and issues related to Bangladesh.

Senseless Press Freedom Rules in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, writers and journalists are increasingly losing the liberty to expose government mass murders and misrule.

Bangladesh Shocked and Traumatized By Unprecedented Mass Murder in Dhaka

Dyer went there with fifty Gurkha riflemen and stationed them on a raised bank and ordered them to fire upon the crowd. Shooting continued for about 10 minutes until Dyer and his force ran out of ammunition.

The Politics Of Religion And Blasphemy In Bangladesh

Sheikh Hasina's government arrested Jamaat leaders for one very small remark by Rafiqul Islam Khan, yet she showed unconditional sympathy to the hardcore blasphemers

Are The Oppressed Desperate to Imitate Their Colonial Masters?

The licensed foolery of misguided youths: The anatomy of February 2013 Shahbagh rally

Jamaat-Shibir Faces More Opposition Than Any Political Forces in Bangladesh

The Americans have remained largely indifferent and apathetic to the prejudice against Jamaat and to the persecution of its affiliates at the hands of its arch-rival Awami League on the question of the 1971 war.

Will India Apologize to Bangladesh?

When will the Indian government stop killing poor Bangladeshis, let alone apologize for continuous disregard for our right to life?

Sheikh Hasina Deserves No Compliments From The People of Bangladesh

People like Mahfuz Anam may have many reasons to thank Sheikh Hasina whose government provide them with the camouflage and smokescreen that they use to hide their real identity.

India’s Border Security Force Tragedy Exposed

The image of Felani's death, her tangled body hanging on the fence India has made around Bangladesh melts even the hardest of the hearts.
Amartya Sen

Are Indian Intellectuals Unreasonably Biased Against Bangladesh?

One great Indian intellectual of our time is the Nobel laureate Amartya Sen.

Lawlessness and Manipulation of Law Still Prevalent in Bangladesh

The Awami League was in power from 1996 to 2011; but lawlessness and the manipulation of the law was not as prevalent at that time as it is now.

BBC’s Biased Reporting Spreads False Impression About Islam

To my surprise, none of these two incidents, Mr. Delwar's death and Mr. Rahman's release was reported by the BBC website. After a long rendezvous with the BBC news website, my impression is this.