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Shib Shankar Chatterjee is a former BBC, The Times of India, Hindustan Times, The Statesman & The Telegraph Contributor-cum-Correspondent from Northeast India, who specializes in investigations of important issues affecting the people of South Asia, specially, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan & Myanmar.


Illegal Raping of Forests in NE India

A Prohibitory Warning Order was issued to stop illegal felling Of forests In Northeast India.

Ethnic Art of Assam – Terracotta on The Verge of Decay

Necessity is the mother of invention and rationality helps to rattle the path of living a good life. The primitive people were none but rational beings and their rational instinct inspired them to discover, invent and create something new.
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Fighterplanes Create Huge Numbers of Deaf People

Villages Under Threat of Dangerous Sound Pollution Fighterplanes Create Huge Numbers of Deaf People
Bangladeshi Health 01

Bangladeshis Sneak Into India for Free Medical Check Ups

BDR Pushes Poor and Illegal Bangladeshis Into India Bangladeshis Sneak Into India in The Name of Free Medical Check Ups
bidi workers - poverty.

Deaths Concealed in Making and Smoking of Bidi Cigarettes

Physicians' warnings ignored by indifferent government. Bidi workers with TB are three times more prone to die. According to the Indian Health Department, bidi crop cultivation occupied 35 percent of the area under tobacco cultivation.
Boat 7

Indifference of Indian Authorities Allows Boat Mishaps

Harm done by speed boats to the depth of the river and water life: environmentalists
Tea Garden 1

Tea Feeds Terror, Despite Security Force

Eti Koli Duti Paat (that is, two leaves and a bud), the strain of this popular song is resonating in the blue hills and the red rivers, and the valleys of Eastern Indian State, Assam's Tea-Gardens or Tea-Estates.
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Saga of Devastation in Brahmaputra Valley River Islands

Brahmaputra - one of the world's greatest rivers - has been the lifeline of Assam since time immemorial. However, the mighty river and its tributaries also turn to a curse for people of the state every monsoon...

Millions of Foreigners in India

Bangladesh is Poor India's woe. Famine in Bangladesh and its effect in North-East India as incessant immigration continues unabated.

Northeast Indian Region Threatened By Illegal Influx

Bangladeshi & Pakistani National Contested Indian Election: Illegal Migrants Are Kingmakers...
witch 1

Dark Spell of Witch – Hunting

They beat us black and blue and I fell senseless and my friends fled away from our village. Later, the same mob also attacked and torched the houses of our 02 neighbours, but they left the village by that time.
Indo Bangla Border 11

All Disquiet in North-East India

Vote Bank Politics Help The Plague Of Illegal Bangladeshi Foreigners Into Northeast India

An Ugly Attack on Human Rights

we enticed teenage girls, Khusiman (10) and Nabiran (12) from their houses in the name of offering decent jobs to the Santanagar area of Indian Capital city, New Delhi and later forced them to two pimps.
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Bangladesh TV, Radio Programmes Famous in India

Flourish Of Bangladesh Channels In The Houses Of Indian's Idiot Box & Radio. Bangladesh TV and Radio Programmes Famous in India.

India Declares Endangered River Dolphin A National Aquatic Animal

Environmentalists Worried : Government Of India declares River Dolphin a National Aquatic Animal, river dolphin of north-east India on verge of extiction
River Dolphin

River Dolphin On Verge Of Extinction

Environmentalists in Assam State, India, want to Declare Kulshi River a River Dolphin Sanctuary

India Ignores Illegal Migration In Northeast India, People Continue to Suffer

Our houses are situated within India, but right on the 'Zero Line' of the Indo-Bangla International Border. We are feeling insecure because, our houses have gone beyond the International Barbed Wire Border Fencing...

Bangladeshi Phones for Indian Peoples

Bangladesh phone company makes money while India limits phone service, fearing its use by insurgents and terrorists.