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Shib Shankar Chatterjee is a former BBC, The Times of India, Hindustan Times, The Statesman & The Telegraph Contributor-cum-Correspondent from Northeast India, who specializes in investigations of important issues affecting the people of South Asia, specially, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan & Myanmar.

lathitilla dumabaroi table1

Secret Dossier of Land Dispute Between India and Bangladesh

International Border Disputes & Adverse-Possessions of India-Bangladesh International Border. Inconceivable Truth - Indian Peasants Pay Tax But Bangladeshi Farmers Get Ownership
File Pix KPLT C in C

KPLT Commander-in-Chief Killed In Inter Gang Conflict

The Commander-in-Chief of Karbi People's Liberation Tigers, an extremist group in Northeast Indian State, Assam, was killed in an inter-gang conflict
Overcrowded Bhutbhutti speedboat in the Brahmaputra river

Indifference of Indian Authorities Allows More Boat Mishaps

Mukul Roy, Indian Minister of State for Shipping, ruled out developing the transport system to any standards, and the lawless speedboats often cause death
muhari char land

India-Bangladesh International Border Disputes – Muhuri River

International Border Disputes and Adverse-Possessions of India-Bangladesh International Border. An in Depth Report of Disputed International Border River - Muhuri River
Border Kalipuja Malda 01

Offering Prayer Or Puja Banned At International Border

Kali Puja & Diwali Celebrated At India Bangladesh International Border With Firm Restrictions
BSF and BGB frontier security soldiers

Adverse Possessions Cause India-Bangladesh Boundary Disputes

Land Dispute - Indian Paid Tax But Bangladeshi Gets Ownership
Gobindapur 3

Indian Militant Group Criticizes Indo-Bangla Pact

The organisation stated that the Indian Assam State Government and Indian Central Government had shamefully surrendered before the Bangladesh Government in spite of its military might, who are in round the clock safeguarding the national boundary.
Enclave 01

Inhabitants of Indian Enclaves Often Oppressed, Neglected and Exploited

Government Of India's Indifferent Attitude Led Some Lands Landlocked In Bangladesh

Unabated Illegal Bangladeshi Threats to The Ethnic Identity of Boroland

In their press release, B. Swmkhwr, the General Secretary, NDFB(P) stated, 'The alarming influx of the illegal migrants to Assam has become a serious threat to the security of India.

Northeast Indian Secessionist Militant Groups Warn Each Other

Northeast Indian Secessionist Militant Groups Warned Each Other, NDFB threatened NDFB(P)

Anna Hazare Gets Support From Extremist Group For His Noble Cause

It is a fact that Hazare's campaign was instrumental in the implementation of the Right to Information Act in Maharashtra, considered to be one of the best RTI Acts in India.
Elephant Killed 01

Speeding Train Runs Over Two Jumbos in Northeast India

One adult female wild elephant and her baby cub were run over by the speeding Brahmaputra Mail (Train) between Langsoliate and Nilalung railway station at about 11.00 pm on the night of 31st July, 2011.

Indian Militant Group Appeals to Leaders of Indian Parliament for Separate...

The peace process may break down at any moment unless the Government of India takes a pragmatic and sympathetic approach to solve the vexed Boroland issue, warned the leaders of the aforesaid organization.
Democratic Front

NDFB Called Bandh in Northeast Indian State Assam

The Government of India should realize the fact that the demands of separate state of the indigenous peoples of the North East can never be resolved by any alternative arrangements.
Bangladeshi Boat 01

Stolen Bike Engines Used in Bangladeshi Boats

Believe it or not, it is true that boats are run by bike-engines. There is a class of Bangladeshi smugglers, who have found 'Bike Smuggling' highly fruitful business along the hilly states that lie on the international border side.

Indian Enclaves Battered With Hostilities and Isolation

Government of India's indifferent attitude led some lands landlocked in Bangladesh.
Elephant 1

Thread Barrier and World’s Hottest Chilli to Keep Asian Elephants At...

The Indian Government will create an Elephant Task Force to protect and secure the future life of this unique creature.
Cave 01

Secret Meditation Place of The Monks Lost

Only a barren piece of stone now remains, standing as a specimen of past glory due to the apathy of government and thanks to illegal foreign nationals for their unabated illegal activities like illegal encroachment and forest destruction.
Border Martyr Tomb 01

An International Ghost Story From 1971: Dead Soldiers Guard International Border

Inmates of the Border Security Force of India (BSFI) of Khalpara International Border Out Post (IBOP) have been facing a number of unwanted problems for a long time.
Kailashahar 03

A Kick in India – Goals in Bangladesh

When the people of the world are shivering with the fever of joy that the world cup tournament is going to offer, the inhabitants of the India Bangladesh International Border (IBIB).