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Rocco Loosbrock is a financial wizard who writes about food, wine and the world of gourmet bacon.

Rocco owns and runs a Bacon of the Month Club called The Bacon Freak Bacon is Meat Candy Club as well as a Wine Club called the Coastal Vineyard Wine Club.

After leaving the military, Rocco worked at a local bank while attending classes and earned his Bachelor’s degree in Management at Azusa Pacific University. Rocco loves to do woodworking, cooking, and growing fresh ingredients for his kitchen.

bacon pizza

From Tennis Courts To Criminal Courts – Bacon Pizza Makes A...

Face it, it was only a matter of time. Everyone love Bacon and every loves Pizza, so what would be a perfectly delicious original mouthwatering combination of flavors? That's right, Introducing 'Bacon Pizza!'
bacon 1

The famous BBBLT Done ‘Bacon Freak’ Style!

People have been playing with the idea of the BBBLT Sandwich for weeks now as if it's just a big joke.

Syrah Called ‘Palin’ Now Gets A Blue Cold Shoulder!

Could the mere naming of a Vice Presidential running mate instantly alter the reputation of a previously popular, premium, Chilean Syrah? Yes, Yes It Can!

Chocolate Vs Bacon: The Winner Is YOU!

Question: What do you get when you combine the world's best gourmet bacon, cooked to absolute perfection with the world's finest milk chocolate? Answer: Heaven on your tongue!
lewis music

A Jingle is Born for Baconfreak.Com

While eating bacon this family loved Bacon Freak Bacon so much that they wrote a song about, it goes something like this..
pasta sauce

Michael Phelps Envisions The Pasta-bilities

Wow, it turns out that Gold Medal record busting swimmer Michael Phelps, otherwise know as 'The fastest Man In The World' proudly and passionately pigs out on piles and piles of pasta and pizza!
jelly club

Do not confuse Jelly, Jam and Preserves with ‘Jell-O,’

If you want a taste of the good life, enjoy Jam, Jelly and Preserves.

Who makes a great Sweet & Spicy Grill Glaze?

Learn how the Sauce Goddess mastered the art of making Sweet and Spicy Grilling Glaze.
Olive oil

Olive Oil Can Prevent a Variety of Heath Concerns Including Colon...

Medical researchers have found olive oil also offers amazing benefits in healing and preventing colon cancer, as well as clean, soften, clear, revitalize and lubricate our blood vessels, veins and arteries, preventing heart attack and stroke.

What Should Be in The Perfect Health Conscious Meal?

As it turns out, the delectably delicious gourmet Pasta Sauce, Salsa, BBQ Sauces and Hot Sauce that we have enjoyed eating all these years for their wonderful flavor, actually help us to avoid getting cancer!
Bacon Jerky

If Bacon Freaks Like Bacon What Do Jerky Freaks Like?

So...where do you go if you want high-quality, hand-made, gourmet jerky that is made right here in the U.S.?

Count Roccola to the Rescue: Sweet Wines for Halloween.

Hey, there's going to be all sorts of calorie crowded, cavity creating, canine corrupting cupcakes, candy corn and chocolate, chocolate, chocolate up the ying-yang!
Bacon Tux

Bacon Scented Bacon Print Tuxedo

Face it; we all know that everything goes better with bacon. Well here's a chance to put your money where your mouth is. That is where bacon usually goes, right, and the price it right $100.
Bacon Today Logo

Everything You Want to Know About Bacon Can Be Found Here

Recently, I had lunch with the founder of Bacontoday.com. Of course we choose to eat at a place in which we could surely please our carnivore habit.

International Bacon Day is August 30th

The 30th of August is fast becoming an important day in the bacon freak community. International Bacon Day is born!
Bacon Burger.

Learn How to Make a Real Baconator Burger

Today everyone is making bacon burgers, why then is bacon not the star?
Lauryn Williams

Lauryn Williams Loves Bacon

The interviewer asked what she misses most while on her training diet. Her response was 'Bacon.'

Family Farm vs. Corporate Conglomerate, Mass Produced…Bacon Bacon Bacon

I am here, to help people understand and learn to better appreciate the vast difference, importance and precise value of truly superior, premium quality gourmet bacon.

Bacon Freak Ups The Bacon Burger Ante!

Take that pound of ground bacon and now lovingly hand pat it and mold it with a little bit of Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce into 4 nice big quarter pound patties.