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Govinda Rizal is a Bhutanese scientist, and writer, currently at Kyoto University in Japan.

The Dragon’s Gift to America and the Other Side of Exhibition

Bhutan has two facades. Tourist Bhutan has resorts, modern infrastructure, high living standards, where bureaucrats and royals live. Poor Bhutan is where electricity, roads, health, education, sanitation, rule of law are still dreams.

Hazel Nuts to Alleviate Poverty in Bhutan

This project must come to a win-win situation not just to bring home hard currency, but also increase farmers living standards, attract more joint, private ventures, instill the positive effect of globalization

John McCain in Bhutan

One month after the election in the US, president runner up, Senator John McCain, was in Bhutan. If you guessed he was there to learn meditation or gaining tips to happiness, you are mistaken.

Bhutan Built Berlin Wall is Yet to Fall Down

Those who supported him gained his side and others found themselves on the opposite side. All the people of the nation were classified into eight categories.

Coronation and Expectations: a Story From Bhutan

The young monarch needs wisdom from Luntenzampa, Darjeeling, London and Paro, and his inborn potential; to politically save Bhutan, diplomatically prevent incursion; to lead the nation to a self sufficient Shangri-La...