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Nepal: Dangerous Game Plan of Maoists

This time the Maoists have exposed themselves very badly with improperly orchestrated propaganda which is ultimately unproductive and has defamed their image (whatever image they have).

Nepal: How Can This Possibly Be Called Democracy?

How can we call it democracy, when the main democratic groups cannot exercise their political activities in a peaceful environment? The International community's head is firmly in the sand.

The Maoists of Nepal, their Weapons and Rebel Force

It's been almost nine months since the Maoists became involved in a peace process along with the Seven Political Parties (SPA) to join the political mainstream of Nepal.

Human Rights Situation in Nepal: Challenge and Dilemma

Human rights and arbitrary killing in Nepal is becoming a burning issue not only at the national level but also in at the international level.

Civil Society and the Maoist Insurgency in Nepal

In general terms, civil society means a forum of people from the society, whose interest is purely based on normal people's interest.

The Maoist Game Plan to Declare Nepal a Communist State

A bulk of innocent peace loving Nepali People think that the Maoists and the government are positive to resolve the ongoing crisis.

Strategic Move of the Maoists in Nepal

Last November as the world witnessed, in an Indian initiative the Seven Party Alliance (SPA) and the Maoist rebels signed a 12 point agreement in the Indian capital New Delhi.