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Alan Gray is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of NewsBlaze Daily News and other online newspapers. He prefers to edit, rather than write, but sometimes an issue rears it’s head and makes him start hammering away on the keyboard.

Content Expertise

Alan has been on the internet since it first started. He loves to use his expertise in content and digital marketing to help businesses grow, through managed content services. After living in the United States for 15 years, he is now in South Australia. To learn more about how Alan can help you with content marketing and managed content services, contact him by email.

Technical Expertise

Alan is also a techie. His father was a British soldier in the 4th Indian Division in WWII, with Sikhs and Gurkhas. He was a sergeant in signals and after that, he was a printer who typeset magazines and books on his linotype machine. Those skills were passed on to Alan and his brothers, who all worked for Telecom Australia, on more advanced signals (communications). After studying electronics, communications, and computing at college, and building and repairing all kinds of electronics, Alan switched to programming and team building and management.

He has a fascination with shooting video footage and video editing, so watch out if he points his Canon 7d in your direction.

What Happens When Conservative Blacks Leave the Liberal Plantation?

The documentary, 'Emancipation Revelation/Revolution', discusses the fate of Black Americans who dare leave the plantation of liberalism, political correctness and victimization.

Where to Find A Dead Body When You Need One?

Its not every day that you need a dead body, but if you watch TV and movies, they seem to be in high demand. Chuck Lamb thinks he is the perfect 'Dead Body Guy'...

California Picks up After Shortcomings in Federal Medicare Assistance

Prescription drug coverage for people on Medicare and Medi-Cal is a federal responsibility but Schwartzenegger ordered that the state temporarily pay for some drug coverage.

Alaska Drilling Decision Radical and Unbalanced

The Interior Department's decision to open a prime waterfowl area in northern Alaska to oil and gas drilling is radical and unbalanced, says Republicans for Environmental Protection.
polish soldiers deliver supplies in ad diwaniyah

New Equipment for Iraqi Archeologists

Polish soldiers provided computers and specialist equipment for Iraqi students at the archaeology faculty, in Diwaniyah University, Iraq. The new equipment will help students with...

Eight Great (and Often Unexpected) Ways to Lower Your Tax Bill

Obviously, you want to pay Uncle Sam as little as possible but you're not quite sure how you can (legally) hang on to more of your money. You're in luck!

Georgia Guard Troops Help Ailing Iraqi Teen

Soldiers from the 48th Brigade Combat Team arranged for an ailing Iraqi teen to be evaluated at a combat support hospital and then transfered to Baghdad for additional treatment.
MultiNational Division leaders hand over responsibility to 2nd Brigade 4th US Division at Camp Charlie, Al Hillah.

Babil Province Handed Over to 2nd Brigade 4th US Division

2nd Brigade 4th US Division took over the operational responsibility for Babil province from Multinational Division Central-South.
Some of the cache of explosives discovered by U.S. Marines in Operation Green Trident.

Operation Green Trident Unearths Ten Metric Tons of Munitions in 72...

U.S. Marines discovered more than ten metric tons of munitions hidden at 72 cache sites 39 km south of Fallujah during the weeklong Operation Green Trident.

Thank a Soldier Week, December 19 – 25

Our soldiers need to be thanked. Our soldiers deserve to be thanked. And they should be thanked often and everywhere at all times.

Mind over Money: Breaking Down the Barriers to Sound Money Management

A groundbreaking book by Eric Tyson helps you recognize - and conquer - obstacles and develop good habits.

Israel’s 2005 Disengagement Initiative: Numbers to Know

In May 1967, the armies of Egypt, Jordan and Syria - with backing from several other Arab countries - amassed on Israel's borders in a bid to wipe out Israel.
keck interferometer

NASA’s Planet-Finding Telescopes Virtual Tour Released

The observatory, located atop a dormant volcano 13,600 feet above the Pacific Ocean, is the site of NASA's Keck Interferometer project.
Kofi Annan.

Kofi Annan Shocked at Remarks on Israel Attributed to President of...

After Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran publicly said the holocaust never happened, and that Israel should be wiped off the...

Two Members of PMOI Abducted – MNF-Iraq Solicits Information

The residents of Camp Ashraf have been considered protected persons under the fourth Geneva Convention since June 2004.

Three Marines Die in IED, Small Arms Attacks During Operation Steel...

Reports from Camp Fallujah say two marines died after an IED attack in New Ubaydi, during Operation Steel Curtain.

Novel Avian Flu Vaccine Co-Development Proposed by Generex Biotech

Peptide-based vaccine offers easy scale-up and flexibility in preparing for possible pandemic bird flu threat.

Operation Steel Curtain, Iraq

Operation Steel Curtain official photos - with news updates below HADITHA, Iraq - Marines from 3rd Platoon, Company K, 3rd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment, and...

‘Running Dry’ Documentary Film on Global Water Crisis

The 25th Bicentennial Groundwater Conference in Sacramento, California is to include a special screening of the documentary 'Running Dry'.

USAID Provides Food Transportation Assistance to Nicaragua

USAID is to provide $50,000 to assist Nicaragua with food transportation costs, through the U. N. World Food Program.