Pet Waves: Fusion of Science and Music for Pet and Human Relaxation and Bonding

Relax Your Pet, Relax Yourself, Relax Together, Relax Your Life

Best Selling Author and Composer Barry Goldstein’s Grammy Award Winning Productions have been the underscore for Rock Icons, New York Time Bestselling Authors, Motivational Leaders, Medical Experts and Personal Transformation throughout the world. Now he ventures into assisting pets in reducing stress and anxiety with his new series PETWAVES.

Goldstein’s best selling book “The Secret Language of the Heart” provides the latest scientific research on the benefits of sound, music, and vibration, and has received praise from pioneers in the medical field such as Dr. Daniel G. Amen, Dr. Norman Shealy, Dr. Stephen Sinatra, Dr. Joe Dispenza, and Dr. James Oschman. Barry artfully fuses this knowledge of music with the science of sound to create PETWAVES, a revolutionary series of new musical programs designed to provide the perfect sonic atmosphere to enhance pet and human bonding and relaxation. The uninterrupted hour-long recordings utilize truly effective musical compositions with gentle rhythms and soothing ambiences, which serve as the foundation for a tranquil environment.

Petwaves for dogs and cats.
Petwaves for dogs and cats.

PETWAVES’ Ambiology Series For Cats features groundbreaking vibrational technology that embeds the sound and frequency of a cat’s purr within the music. The frequency of a cat’s purr is approximated at 25-140 Hz. Frequencies in this range have been shown to be beneficial for mechanical stimulation of bone repair in humans. The potential for utilizing the cat’s purr as a mechanism for potential healing is an exciting prospect. This program allows cats and their owners to entrain and resonate to a relaxed state as it supports a mutual healing journey.

PETWAVES’ Ambiology Series For Dogs utilizes sustained notes, specific harmonics and serene arrangements to reduce anxiety and stress in dogs and humans. The music is composed at a specific tempo to allow the heart to entrain to a relaxed state.

Released November 1, both CDs are animal-centric extensions of Goldstein’s successful Ambiology Series, which has been used in hospitals, hospices, cancer centers and medical practices for stress reduction, sleeping challenges, decreasing anxiety and a host of other benefits.

“My original Ambiology series is based upon research that shows how music, composed at 60 beats per minute can entrain the heart to a relaxed state,” Goldstein says.

Goldstein says some of the many testimonials received were from people who were using them with their pets, including this one:

‘I wanted to share something really wonderful with you. My beloved Snow White (my chow dog and confidante) was not well and as she was slipping from us. I just newly received your music and was playing it often.

As time went on, I noticed that Snow would move closer and closer to the CD Player. She had never lain in that spot before. She was in such discomfort towards the end, but I noticed if I played this CD she would peacefully go to sleep.

There were many of nights that pain pills would not help, she would be restless and breathing heavy, so I would get up and play the CD for her. Shortly after, I could hear her breathing slow and every morning, I would find her resting so sweetly by the CD player.

I played this over and over in her last days with us and I am so thankful for you having made this CD, which eased her discomfort. It meant all the world to me. Thank you so much. – JR Nutritionist ‘

“This inspired me to begin to compose pieces for dogs and cats with specific harmonics and tuning conducive to their sensitive hearing,” Goldstein shares.

Then came Woody …

Goldstein’s fiance, a physician and notable speaker, was on a news program and when she walked off the stage, she was surprised when a dog licked the back of her leg. The dog, Woody, was there with the Yavapai Humane Society as part of a segment on local dog adoption. His big brown eyes, smiled at her and it was all over. She sent Goldstein pictures with the caption: He looks like you in dog form, and acts like you too!

They really wanted to adopt Woody, but their busy lifestyle and traveling schedule would create a challenge. Goldstein suggested giving it two weeks to see if anyone else would adopt him, but those pictures kept tugging at his heart. In the meantime he continued composing the framework for PETWAVES for dogs, almost knowing Woody would be part of their home.

When they checked back with the Humane Society two weeks later, Woody was still not adopted. Goldstein even took his boom box with him to make sure Woody responded positively to music. Woody loved the music and Woody became their third family member. Now they can’t imagine their lives without him.

“Once we brought Woody home, we steered him into my studio and played the music for him as a welcoming,” Goldstein says. “Within 30 seconds, he got on his back and put his paws up in the air … a position of trust for a dog. For a rescue animal to do that is amazing. As we started utilizing the music for him, I realized that it wasn’t just music for dogs to listen to but also for pet owners to use as part of a bonding and relaxation process. So I specifically geared the music towards the human/pet relationships. It is my intention for people to actively bond with their pet during the time they listen to it, and to condition their pet to associate the music with those beautiful moments of love.”

Once the pet is conditioned to the music, it can be played when the owner is absent to create comfort, safety and security.

Over the course of his multi-faceted career, Goldstein has composed and produced music for television, film, major record labels and Top Ten recording artists. Spanning many styles and genres, his work includes everything from co-producing the Grammy Award winning track “’69 Freedom Special” with Les Paul (Best Rock Instrumental, 2005) to providing ambient music for Shirley MacLaine.

As an artist, Goldstein has been a Top Ten artist on the Billboard New Age chart with New York Times bestselling author Neale Donald Walsch. His recent album Ignite the Heart won the Coalition Visionary of Resources Award for Best World Fusion Album of 2015.

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